Raspberry and Chocolate Cheesecake

top of cake

It’s cheese and biscuit – in a cake…. what’s not to love?! I’m definitely a cheesecake fan. They’re simple to make, pretty cheap and also a great thing to bring along to someone’s house if they’re doing dinner or something. The only cheesecake I’ve come across that I don’t like is Bailey’s cheesecake. CAN. NOT. BEAR. IT! Which is strange really because booze and cake are two of my fave things… but I’m just not into that combo.

This weekend I made a raspberry and chocolate cheesecake. It was pretty tasty (if I do say so myself!) and made in no time. So if you fancy a Sunday treat today try this!

The tin I use isn’t the typical springform cheesecake tin. It’s got a smaller diameter and is higher around the sides as I like my cheesecakes to be thick instead of flatter but with a bigger base.

Ingredients List

For the base (I like a really thick base, hence the full pack of bikkies!)
400g digestives
200g butter

I change this up sometimes… ginger nuts are nice in the base too so sometimes Iย do half and half (ginger nuts take bloody ages to bash up with the rolling pin though as they’re much harder!) Sometimes I throw in some demerara sugar if I have it, just give a bit of crunch to the base.

For the topping
400g cream cheese (Philly or the Lidl or Aldi brand work just as well. You can use the light version if you want to, just make sure to drain off the excess water that tends to be in the pack)
250ml Double cream
150g Icing sugar
150g Raspberries (more if you like lots of fruit in the cake – I don’t!)
200g milk chocolate (use dark if you prefer)

1. First off… if you have a food processor this will be easy. Throw in the biscuits and blitz them to death. I’m too busy spending any spare money on make up to buy one,ย so I do this the hard way by throwing them into sandwich bags and getting the rolling pin and beating the life out of them that way. Takes a while and I’m sure my neighbours hate cheesecake day in my apartment but it does the job just as well.

2. Melt the butter in the microwave and in a mixing bowl mix together the biscuit andย  butter. Then put the mix into the tin and flatten down with the back of a spoon. Throw this into the fridge to cool and set a bit while you make the topping.

biscuit mix

3. In your mixing bowl beat the cream cheese and cream together. Easiest way is to use an electric whisk but using a fork will do the job too…. just take some elbow grease and more time! Beat until the mix gets quite stiff. I’ve made so many cheesecakes and not beat it enough and then you end up having your fridge at the coldest setting to make the topping set right and then the base is like a rock hard block that you can barely get your spoon through when eating … best to just spend a bit longer beating the cheese and cream together in the first place! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sieve in the icing sugar (don’t just pour straight from the pack!!) and mix with a spoon.

4. Add in the raspberries and mix through. Now melt 160g of the chocolate – keep about 40g back for drizzling over the top. Like I said in the brownie post, I don’t melt chocolate the “proper” way, I just microwave it. Here’s the jazz on that – copy and pasted from the Brownie recipe!

I just get a large microwavable bowl, break all the choc in and microwave for about 90 seconds. Take out and mix it around then put it back in for about 25 seconds at a time. Now the correct way to do it! Put the chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (do not let the base of the bowl touch the water). Leave until melted and smooth…

Just microwave it – lots easier!!

5. Mix the chocolate through the cream cheese mix quickly and pour the mix on top of the chilled biscuit base.

6. Melt the last 40g of choc and with a teaspoon, drizzle it over the top.

raspberry mix

Put the cake into the fridge to set for a few hours and then voila – it’s done.

top image of slice and cake

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