Indie Dhaba, Dublin – TEMPORARILY CLOSED


Indie Dhaba have informed us that their South Anne Street restaurant is now closed and they will be opening elsewhere soon – I will update this as soon as I know where! 🙂

Indie Dhaba is relatively new on the restaurant scene in Dublin. It’s located just off South Anne Street in a premises that used to house Venu. Now, this isn’t a place that you’d just stumble across on your stroll through town. It’s located in the Brown Thomas office buildings, down 2 flights of nice and shiny white marble stairs – only the best for the BT workers don’t ya know! 😉

The restaurant interior is COMPLETELY different to any Indian I’ve ever eaten in – I just usually find them so dull and lacking atmosphere. This place is really quite modern, there’s lots of warm dark woods and then neon lights to brighten it up. There’s also a mix of tables and chairs and more cosy booths for seating. There’s a really contemporary feeling in here and it feels very open and spacious.


There’s a great bar as you walk in and a huge selection of spirits for their renowned cocktail list. This time round we stuck to a few glasses of their wine…. it was a bit early to be lashing back the cocktails 🙂



So I went there quite early at 5.30 on a Saturday evening. It was pretty quiet on arriving with just a few other tables taken. We were seated in a lovely booth and our waitress explained the menu to us. Honestly, the menu is waaaaaaayyyy too big for me to go into detail about all they do (here it is if you’ve got some time to drool over it: ). They basically have a different take on Indian food, they encourage sharing and tasting lots of smaller plates as opposed to just getting your standard starter and then curry as a main. The food is served just as it’s ready in the kitchen, not so much as a starter and main course scenario.

I was with my Mam who is a pretty plain eater…. Chicken dishes and veggie options would be the usual choice. So we totally did away with the whole tapas idea and just got 2 of the sharing dishes and then shared a large dish with a side of rice and naan…. So we kinda didn’t make use of the fact that you could really get a taste of loads of other stuff and share it all but listen, I’ll go back with my Indian loving, fish and meat eating friends and taste loooooooads more dishes next time 🙂 

We chose the Parel Pav-Bhaji (€5.25), described as curried potato and veg, salted leavened dough ladi pav muffin, pat of makkhan…. Do not even ask me what the second half of that is but here’s a pic and it was yummy! The curried potato and veg was nice and spicy and then the muffin helped take the edge off and cooled it down a bit – so tasty!


The second small plate we chose was Tangra Chili Chicken – Indo-Chinese stir fried chicken, Calcutta Chinatown style (€8.95). I LOVED this… it was less hot than the first dish and the chicken was in a thin coating of batter…. It really was a mix between an Indian and a Chinese dish.


For the main we ordered from the Old Favourites section…. Murgh Makhani (€12.95), tandoori chicken breast in a creamy tomato sauce and we got a side of basmati rice (€2.95) and plain nann bread (€2). This was all really tasty too.



After just sharing the main and sides we weren’t the usual “loosen the belt” stuffed that you can be after a curry so we got some ice cream for dessert (€4.95). It was a trio of Amaretto, Honeycomb and Vanilla ice cream – the Amaretto won hands down!


So after scoffing our way through that we had another glass of wine and finished up. The bill was really quite reasonable at €72. Now I know we really only got 1 main course but we did have 3 glasses of red wine and 2 glasses of white so I think it was a pretty good price. Given that the food was great, the wine was lovely and well priced and we were served by nice friendly staff, all in all it was a great meal!

When we left at about 7.30 and it was really filling up with a mix of couples and larger groups making their way through the drinks menu! This place was a total change from your standard Indian restaurant and I’ll definitely return and be a bit more adventurous with my food and I will 100% be trying out their famous (or should that be infamous?!) cocktails!


Indie Dhaba
21-26 Annes Lane
Ann Street South
Dublin 2
Ph: 01 707 9898

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