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I’ll freely admit that I’ve been eating rings around myself the last few weeks! You would think that with a holiday to the South of France on the horizon, the prospect of a bikini would make me COP THE **** ON!! No such luck! I’ve had an amazing few weeks in the sunshine eating great food and drinking copious amounts of Prosecco….. good weather just makes me feel like I should be out and about loving life and for me a big part of that is food.

One of the places I went to recently is Jamie’s Italian, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Dundrum. I’ve wanted to try it out for a while. I remember it opening around Christmas and you just couldn’t get a table for love nor money. 7 months later I finally managed to get in and that was only because it was a roasting hot day and most of Dublin and scarpered off to the beach!

I went with my Mam on a Saturday afternoon and for once it was pretty empty.  I LOVE the interior of the restaurant. On first walking in you see a great bar and then around to the side almost what looks like a really big fancy  deli with baskets of fruit, vines of tomatoes & garlic and big chunks of meat hanging from the ceiling. I’ve actually got no idea of this was all real food or just for show but it certainly looked great!



The restaurant is way bigger than I thought. It’s got a relaxed and casual atmosphere and the furniture etc reflects this. I wasn’t overly keen on the yellow and green plastic and metal chairs as I felt it made it slightly more casual than I’d like if I were to come for dinner but they did fit in with the surrounds. Large windows meant that it was nice and bright and we got a nice seat of the sofa part in the corner.





We were seated by a friendly waiter and took a look over the menu. I really liked their menu… the Antipasti consists of Planks, Plates, Bruschetta or Nibbles. The plank options are Meat, Veg or Fish. All 3 of the planks give you a selection of cheeses, salad and pickles, finished off with whichever option you chose.  Plates included Crispy Squid, Baked Chestnut Mushrooms and some stuffed Rice Balls – we skipped the starter as we just wanted mains but if I was getting any I’d defo go for the rice balls!

Onto the mains and not a pizza in sight! There was a decent selection of Pasta dishes including Prawn Linguine, Tagliatelle Bolognese, Seafood Buctini and Crab Mac n Cheese. The Mac n Cheese sounds AMAZING “ Baked hand-picked crab with tube pasta, brown crab & tomato sauce, oozy fontina cheese & crunchy, herby breadcrumbs”…Drool – I think I’d struggle to move after it though!

There are a few Ravioli and Risotto options and then under the Mains section there’s a great selection of meat and fish; Grilled Irish Pork Chop, Baked Salmon, Free Range Chicken, Veal Flash Steak, The Jamie’s Italian Burger and the Fish of the Day. There’s a massive amount of choice throughout the menu so definitely something for everyone.

Our lovely friendly waitress told me the Fish of the Day was Wing of Ray served with Cherry Tomatoes and Purple Potatoes. Being a fish lover and having only ever seen pics of purple potatoes and never actually seen them on a menu I decided I’d go for that. Mam ordered the Tagliatelle Bolognese and we got a glass of wine and a soft drink.

Service was prompt and the waitress was such a friendly helpful girl. We were dealt with by 2 people through the course of lunch and both were super-efficient and friendly, I love nice staff in a restaurant!

Food arrived and I was dying to try my purple potatoes 🙂

I got a really large portion of fish with a nice side of cherry tomatoes and then underneath the fish was a load of the potatoes. I’ve never had Ray before so got stuck into that. It was cooked beautifully, so soft and fresh and the tomatoes and pepper mix went very well with it. The purple potatoes were nice, not all that different in taste to a normal coloured potato though!


Mam’s pasta dish was a decent enough portion. I tasted some and found it really nice. The ragu of beef and pork was very tasty but sort of tossed throughout it and while I definitely would have been happy with it, she felt there wasn’t enough meat distributed through the pasta to get some meat with every bite.


We chose the simple trio of ice cream for dessert and got crushed nuts and butterscotch sauce with them. I won’t lie, we were underwhelmed when it came out. Presentation wasn’t good at all in my opinion.


But after a few spoons of it we ate our words as it tasted soooooo good. Slightly dismal amount of nuts on it to be totally honest but we couldn’t complain about the ice cream – it was gone in about 2 minutes flat.

The bill came to about 48 euro for 2 mains, the ice cream, 1 glass of wine and a soft drink. I think the pasta was about €14 and my fish must have been about €18. Maybe not somewhere I’d go for a quick lunch while out shopping in the Centre and wanting something cheap but for a bit of a treat for lunch or an early casual dinner I’d recommend it. I really enjoyed my food and the staff were just great – I must return and try the Crab Mac n Cheese some time!

Jamie’s Italian

Unit 1
Pembroke District
Dundrum Town Centre
Dublin 16

Ph: 01-298 0600


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4 thoughts on “Jamie’s Italian, Dublin

  1. I’m not a fan of Jamie’s Italian. As a huge Jamie Oliver fanatic I was very disappointed when I visited. I liked the food but it wasn’t amazing and I felt they rammed you in. Also same as yourself did not like the seats – uncomfortable and too “MacDonalds”.

  2. I was living in Dundrum when it opened and thought to go there for Christmas with my mum who visited me. Unfortunately, the info about the Christmas meal on the website was’t that helpful so I went to down to the Shopping Centre to ask but they were super unfriendly (some manager & a waitress) and in almost every answer they referred me to the website, so I just turned around and left.
    I’d really like to try Jamie’s Italien but if I do, it won’t be the one in Dundrum…

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