Town, Kildare Street, Dublin


I need to start by saying this place will always be Town Bar & Grill to me… it doesn’t feel right just calling it Town! Not sure when or why they changed the name but it’s not sticking with me!

This was another of my great deals from The Dining Room…. €50 for 3 courses for 2 people. I’ve visited the restaurant numerous times before and really enjoyed the food, atmosphere and service in there on each occasion so was DELIGHTED to grab this bargain. I feel that the deal websites can be hit and miss but the Dining Room and Rewarding Times usually get it right… at the risk of sounding like a total snob, they tend to offer deals for the nicer restaurants that you’d use on a really nice night out as opposed to the more casual places.

I’d booked this before I went away last month as I knew myself and E would like a nice night out with dinner and a few drinks to catch up after I’d deserted him for a week on hols! So after my lovely week in France, I got home and quickly threw the suitcase aside and got myself ready to head out. We met in town and had a nice bottle of Prosecco in 37 on Dawson Street. I love, love, love that place – almost every day or night out starts or ends there with bottles of Prosecco and cocktails flying! I keep promising to do a proper review but never get around to it… one day soon I promise! 🙂

So after that we wandered on to Kildare Street, starving and ready to be fed!

The restaurant is based in the cellar part of the building. I love those kinda restaurants, the likes of Dax and Peploe’s etc. You could be worried that it’d be too dark with it being in the cellar but the interior here is so fresh and clean while still being comfortable and cosy.



We were greeted by a friendly waiter who sat us at a lovely seat towards the back of the restaurant and handed us the menu.

After debating what to drink we decided on another bottle of Prosecco (€38) –  sure why not?!


We were given some tasty bread and butter and got stuck into the menu to decide what we fancied. It’s a pretty varied menu with starters ranging from €8 – €15 including Ham Hock Terrine, Ox Tongue, Scallops and Salmon Tartar. Mains also had a good mix of fish and meat or a veggie option of Risotto.

E chose the Pea & Watercress Veloute with Quail Egg (€8) for starter and the Veal (€27) for his main. I went for the Duck Egg to start (€12.50) and the Hake for my main course (€25).

I have to say that our waiter was really great, nice and friendly, attentive and funny without being too “in your face” or annoying. I had to laugh when he served the Pea & Watercress veloute …. The shallow bowl came out with this tiny egg in it and not much else. I’d say E was wishing he kept what was left of the bread! The veloute was poured into the bowl at the table though so he needn’t have worried.


My duck egg was sooooo good, perfectly cooked nice and soft and burst when I cut through. They were two nice light starters which was perfectly fine with us as we knew we were having 3 courses.


We had just the right time between courses and then the mains came out. The Hake was served with scallops and a kind of chowder. It was gorgeous! I love hake anyway but to get scallops with it was great and the chowder was nice and creamy too.


E got the veal. Usually being a beef man I just hoped he liked the veal as much. He really enjoyed it and it was cooked well enough for him (well done steak anyone?!) without being too tough. We got a side of chips and mash to go with the food which came out in quirky little holders. Those chips were so salty and yum and the mash was amazingly creamy. We just about managed to stuff it all in!



After mains we had a little break before dessert and with the Prosecco polished off decided we’d have some cocktails (€10 each). I can’t actually remember what they were… I think mine was a Flirtini and the other was something with Wonka in the name… as in Willie Wonka – remind me not to polish off a load of Prosecco if I want to remember all the details for a blog post!


Anyway, onto my fave course – dessert! I always go for the full on chocolate option – I’m a total chocaholic!  So this time I said I’d try something different and got the Hazlenut Parfait (€9.50) which came with caramelised banana and chocolate sauce.


It was nice but if I’m honest I was raging I didn’t stick to my normal choice of chocolate. Instead I got a taste of E’s Chocolate Tart (€9.50) and it was to die for. It was served with almond ice cream and cherries…. My mouth is watering right now even thinking about it!


I won’t lie to you – I can’t remember exactly how much extra we paid as I was tipsy and wasn’t paying too much attention. It was about €60 for the drinks then another few quid for the extra chips we ordered. Considering we got just over €90 worth of food for €50 the whole lot cost about €115 instead of €155 – not a bad deal. We had a really nice night, loved the food and drinks and found the staff here great. I couldn’t complain about one single thing! Town (Bar and Grill!!) is definitely on my favourites list.

21 Kildare St.
Dublin 2

Ph: 01 662 4800


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