House, Leeson Street


Ok so I know I wouldn’t usually do a full blog post on a bar or pub but I loved this place so much that I had to! This will be a very visual review with lots of pics as you just have to see how pretty it is.

The one thing Twitter is great for is hearing about the latest restaurants and bars to open around the city. So last week firstly a friend of mine informed me she knew a guy who had done the renovating job in a new place on Leeson Street and that it was supposedly pretty damn fabulous. I managed to find them on Twitter and had a nosey at the pics – which do indeed look amazing. Then over the course of the week I saw a few Tweets trickle in and thought I’d give it a shot over the weekend.

Myself and my gal pals are no stranger to nice bars in town. We’ve joked that over the years we’ve turned into snobs but I like to think we just like nice wine and a nice place to drink it in – who doesn’t?! Our usual haunts are around the Dawson Street area so I don’t think my bestie was all too pleased to be trudging up Leeson Street on a warm Saturday afternoon in heels while I frantically looked at Google maps trying to figure out where we were going. After walking about 100 metres past the place and doing an about turn, we found ourselves outside House, at number 27 Lower Leeson Street. Two statues of dogs on pillars welcomed us outside and we went on in, excited to see what it was like inside.


We were not disappointed. The place looks really great. As it’s only been open about a week everything is all shiney and clean and there’s a lovely homely feeling.


We were greeted by the girl who appeared to be running the show for the evening and she showed us through to the garden area out back. We were seriously impressed. The whole outside area is done in a garden style with astro grass on the ground, beautiful garden furniture with a mix of brightly coloured cushions and bird houses and candles hanging from trees. This area has a cover for when it will inevitably get chilly.


There’s also a “Greenhouse” bar next to it which is fully covered and has more funky furniture and an unreal selection of gin behind the bar!

This was our pre dinner drinks spot so we took a seat outside and ordered a bottle of Malbec, very reasonable at €26.

As we got there just as the place opened, we were the only customers for the first while. It gave us a good opportunity to have a proper look at everything. There’s been so much attention to detail here and it really just feels like you’re sitting in a fancy back garden enjoying a drink.

Here’s some pics:




When we felt a few raindrops we moved into the Greenhouse and finished off our bottle of wine there. Although we were starving, we could have sat there all day it was all so nice.





After polishing off the vino we had to get moving to make our dinner reservation. On the way out we spotted the wine tasting room – HEAVEN!!! A cosy dark room with a nice fireplace and large seats to get comfy while sampling the selection of wine available.

We had every intention of going to dinner in Las Tapas de Lola and then trying out another spot in town, The Liquor Rooms. But after seeing that wine tasting room we knew we’d be returning so after dinner we toddled back to House, topped up our Tasting cards with €25 each and got down to business selecting some wine with the help of one of the bartenders.




There’s a pretty good selection of both reds and whites and as usual I opted for a Malbec. A nice little touch was the free cheese and crackers we were given too… I know, I know – we’d just eaten dinner and here we are eating again!


The last little nook and cranny was the Library room, beautiful and cosy.



After that we moved outdoors where the cover was over the garden area and the lights were all on, giving it a lovely atmosphere. We got a bottle of the Prosecco and spent another couple of hours sitting there. Apologies for the rubbish photo!


At this stage it’d been a long boozy day and we had to call it a night!

We really liked House. It’s a fresh new idea and one that really works. A fabulous interior and exterior, some great wines and very helpful and friendly staff. It’s only a matter of time before word gets around and this place is heaving every weekend so get down there soon – I guarantee you won’t want to leave! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “House, Leeson Street

    • It’s absolutely gorgeous Joanne – the end of the night is a little blurry after all the wine but there was music etc and the place filled up but not to bursting point. Definitely try pay a visit before the cold weather kicks in!

    • I think it would be a lovely place for that amount of people Dara. I can’t comment on the food though as they weren’t actually doing food when I visited. I have seen people comment on Facebook and Twitter that the food was great though! Enjoy it if you do go 🙂

  1. Hi, I’m wondering would that place be suitable for a hen night?? I’m trying to find a good place to eat drink and dance…

    • Hi Bernice, I think it depends on a few things. Since I’ve been there House has got to be very popular with the “celebs” etc and the doormen are pretty picky from what I hear. If it’s a large group with typical hen party bits going on I’m not sure if they’d have a problem letting you in. You could call them and ask if they allow hens in and try to book an area?

      It’s a gorgeous place, really fab. The wine and cocktails are great but they are not cheap either. If your party want a reasonably cheap night then I’d say this may not be it, cocktails are typically 10-12 euro.

      You would need to get there early enough especially if you wanted seats as it fills up super quick.

      Regarding the food, I have heard mixed reports on it to be honest, and quite a few of them not great. Would it be an option to have food elsewhere first then go to House for the rest of the evening or were you looking for an all in one venue? There’s a place 5 minutes away called Las Tapas de Lola that does great food, really good – and would be great for a hen night. They are very popular also so you would need to book – I’ve blogged them also so have a search for that.

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