Las Tapas de Lola, Dublin


I’m about 4 months behind everyone else in visiting Las Tapas de Lola but better late than never!! It’s been on my “To Go” list for months but circumstances have always just had me in a different part of town. So last weekend myself and a friend decided we wanted to get our tapas on and managed to book a table in the Wexford Street restaurant. Booking is definitely advised as they are literally out the door as a result of all the great reviews and word of mouth they’ve been getting for the past few months.

We were slightly early for our 5pm slot so dropped into the pub next door for a quick drink. At about 5.10pm and with rumbling tummies we decided we better get in there. Outside there are a few tables under the awning should you get a nice enough day to sit outdoors. We went on in and were seated in an already filling restaurant. It’s a small enough place with a lovely relaxed atmosphere. The interior is clean and fresh with shiny green tiles along the wall and bottles of wine lined up above.


Being the tapas lovers that we are, we’d already checked out the menu online and had an idea of what we wanted but first off, we had to decide on a drink. We’d already shared a bottle of red before dinner so wanted something a bit lighter. Our lovely waitress had given us a free taster of the Tinto Verano, a mix of red wine and lemonade. I’m not a big Sangria fan so was sceptical of this type of drink but it was absolutely fabulous and so refreshing! So a jug of that was ordered 🙂


Onto the food! We shared 6 dishes (piggy I know), 4 we agreed on together then we both picked a wild card.
Mine was the Paella of the day which was with squid ink (hence the black colour). The other wildcard was the whitebait. I usually HATE tiny little fishies like that so again, I was sceptical. The other dishes we got were chorizo and black pudding, pork cheek, chicken croquettes and some goats cheese. The food arrived and we dove straight in.

The pork cheek was so so soft and just broke apart.

Tender pork cheek

My worry about the whitebait was unfounded – once I tasted them I forgot all about the fact they were whole fish and we polished them all off.

Here fishy fishy 🙂

My absolute favourite was the chorizo and black pudding. I adore chorizo anyway but this was so authentic, very meaty and salty – I didn’t want that dish to end!


Meaty chorizo!

Chicken croquettes

Squid Ink paella

There was never a question about dessert, we were getting the churros! Being regular visitors to The Port House I know only too well how gorgeous these deep fried Spanish donuts are when dipped into the bowl of warm chocolate sauce. They were very tasty but we kinda wished we ordered a portion each as the 3 sticks didn’t go far between the two of us.

Very moreish churros!

The total for all of that was just €53.35. While the Port House will always rate highly with me for a romantic atmosphere, I do find it overpriced. The same definitely can’t be said for Lola’s …. we got a lot of bang for our buck and left happy campers. I’d be pretty sure we will return and work our way through the menu 🙂

The love heart sweeties – nice little touch 🙂

Las Tapas De Lola
12 Wexford Street
Dublin 2
Ph: +353 1 4244100



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