Brunch at Dillinger’s, Ranelagh


Given a choice of meals to go out for I’d usually opt for dinner. It gives me an excuse to get dressed up and head off into town for the evening and enjoy a few drinks. But Brunch seems to be getting more and more popular these days so last week we decided we’d ditch the dinner date and go for Brunch instead.

There’s SO MUCH choice for Brunch in Dublin right now and we were spoiled for choice looking through the menus online. I always seem to be out and about in town so fancied somewhere different and as I love Ranelagh I had a look at the restaurants around there. I think Ranelagh is the most perfect place for grabbing a bite to eat… such a great mix of food genres from Pakistani & Eastern in Kinara Kitchen to burgers and wings in Tribeca. One place I’d heard of but never been is Dillinger’s, sister restaurant to The Butcher’s Grill (also in Ranelagh) and 777 on Georges Street. So after looking at the menu, it was decided Brunch would be in Dillinger’s! They serve it Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 4pm.

About lunch time on Sunday we arrived to an already busy Ranelagh. This place never stops! We managed to nab a handy parking spot and as it was a Sunday it was free…. A bonus, as usually you can easily add an extra €12 quid onto your day if you want to park in Ranelagh. The restaurant is on Ranelagh main street and after walking in to a packed house we could see their location and good reputation really get the crowd in. We were asked if we wanted to wait for a table or sit at the bar – I love bar sitting so we plonked ourselves down and got looking through the menu.

First off was drinks. E was driving (again, one day I will drive us around I promise!!) so I was free to have a proper drink 🙂

The cocktail of the day was a Campari Mint Spritz, Campari, mint, cranberry juice & prosecco (€8.50)… an obvious choice!


E was trying to be a bit healthy and went for a juice from their Healthy Side menu called Salad Days (€4.50). It was made up of spinach, carrot, celery, radish, red pepper and lemon. Drinks arrived and mine was lovely and refreshing.

Yummy Prosecco Cocktail

The healthy option – no thanks! 🙂

I hate to say it but I don’t know how E drank that juice…. I’m not used to those kind of drinks and I’ll choose the Prosecco every time!

So onto the food! There’s a really great selection on this menu – Dillinger’s fry (containing every breakfast item possible!), Crab Cakes with Eggs, Omelette, French toast, Steak & Eggs, their famous Super Nachos, Eggs Benedict, a Bacon Sambo a Burger or a stack of Pancakes were most of the menu choices. I’ve heard a LOT about the Super Nachos and so was very tempted to get them but in the end I decided to have something I couldn’t make at home and went for the Crab Cakes with Eggs (€14). E being all manly and stuff went for the Steak & Eggs (€18).

We placed our order and I had a good look around the place while we waited. It is definitely more diner than restaurant but not your Eddie Rockets style. The interior is slick and shiney and the staff were equally as great… efficient and friendly without being OTT. All in all a pretty casual place that still feels like a treat to go to.


The all important wine!

The offending fruit and healthy stuff! 🙂

When the food arrived we were both impressed. I got 3 crab cakes with salad, 2 poached eggs and a little side of aioli. It was served on a beautiful plate with pink flowers…. Very unlike anything I’ve been served food on in a Dublin restaurant!


E’s steak arrived with 2 big poached eggs and some home fries and salad also. He’d asked for a pepper sauce instead of the Bernaise and they were happy to give him that instead.


We got stuck in and not much was said for the next few minutes while we both devoured the food. The crab cakes were amazing, lovely and crispy on the outside with super soft crab meat inside. The poached eggs were perfectly cooked, nice and gooey when cut into, just how I like ‘em! 🙂
Of course I had some of E’s steak and apart from the fact that it was super well done as he likes it (I like a rare steak) it was yummy, really good quality meat. We both thought it was great food and good value especially the steak option as it was a pretty generous portion.

We skipped dessert and E had a cappuccino which he said was really good… much as I want to like coffee I just don’t so I usually just get another glass of wine 🙂

We didn’t hang around as we had a GAA match to watch in Smyth’s up the road so the total bill came to €48.00 with a nice little smiley face. I really enjoyed brunch in Dillinger’s and I will most definitely be returning for the Super Nachos 🙂


47 Ranelagh
Dublin 6

Ph: (01) 497 8010

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