Hols Part 2 – A few days in Boston


I kinda did these posts in the wrong order as we actually started off in Boston and then went to San Fran but sure who cares 🙂

So I’ve posted all about my few days in San Francisco here and so here’s a quicky bit about our few days in Boston.

I’ve been to New York a good few times and Boston was always on my list of other places I wanted to visit. So many people have told me how it’s like a mini NY, just a lot quieter and prettier. So I finally made it there this year. E has been a few times before so he knew what to expect but I have to say it was nothing like I thought it would be. It was a LOT smaller than I expected. I had been reading up my guide book and marking places out on the street map but until I got there I didn’t realise just how close everything was. It’s a very walkable city and lucky for us we had no rain showers so we saw most things on foot.

We stayed at the Revere Hotel which is about a 5 minute walk from Boston Common and the two main shopping & dining streets, Newbury Street & Boylston Street.

Our first day we just went off for a wander and to get our bearings and had a stroll down Newbury Street. This was my favourite area in Boston… a lovely leafy street with lots of designer shops mixed in with some high street names and the further down you walk you come to so many small bars and restaurants with terraces out front.

The one thing you’ll notice in Boston is the buildings. There are some beautiful buildings here, a mix of Colonial and Victorian… with some contemporary buildings thrown in there too. Around the main area of the city there’s none of the grotty shopfronts that you see in NY and it was absolutely spotless too.


We had dinner booked but after the long plane journey were starving so said we’d stop for a snack and dropped into a casual Mexican,  The Cactus Club for a quick bite and a cocktail. I read about this place in my guide book which praised the Margaritas – they weren’t wrong!! We said we’d have a snack of some nachos and got the biggest amount I’ve ever seen… the food was super unhealthy but bloody amazing!


That evening we had dinner at a restaurant called Top of the Hub which is on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Centre. There’s fab views from there and we got a lovely table by the window.



Food was good but not amazing – it was more for the experience to be honest.


Boston Cream Pie – it looked great but my own tastes better!

We then moved to the drinks section and had a few cocktails while watching the fog come down around the top of the buildings around us.

I asked a few people what they recommend doing in Boston and everyone said the Duck Tour ! So off we went the next day and boarded the half boat half truck car thing for our 2 hour trip. They are based on a World War 2 vehicle that can drive on land and also go through water.

The trip takes you through the main areas of Boston and through the Charles River with your guide telling you the background and history as you go. Although the river isn’t that big you get a nice view of the city from the  boat.


All the while the odd person shouts “Quack” at the bus and you are all to shout “Quack” back at them….. Embarrassing, yes…but fun also :-)

Another must see is Fanuiel Hall and Quincy Market. If you like food then Quincy Market is definitely a place you will love.



Inside the whole building is lined with stalls of different types of food – they have EVERYTHING here. Pizzas, burgers, Lobster Rolls, Chinese & Thai food, Mexican, huge sandwiches, ice creams and every kind of brownie and dessert under the sun.


It was so bloody hard just to pick what I wanted for lunch!
Around this square there’s also lots of lovely little stalls selling bits of jewellery and other bits and bob plus a few of the usual American stores like Abercrombie and American Eagle.

Not far from Fanuiel Hall is the Aquarium. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Aquariums!! No matter where I am if there’s an aquarium I have to go. So we spent a few hours here, watching the penguins being fed and just looking at all the hundreds of varieties of fish and sea creatures they had there.






On the way home we had a walk through the Italian area, North End, and found a lovely little spot for lunch and a glass of wine. There were so many lovely little Italian eateries and pastry shops around here.

Dinner that night was in a lovely steakhouse called Davio’s . The food here was absolutely amazing! Lobster and seafood is everywhere in Boston so I tried it out that night and it was just gorgeous. Not a cheap meal but really, really good.


Our last day in Boston we went for a stroll around Boston Common as it was such a fab day. This is a gorgeous park… again pretty small but absolutely beautiful and so well kept.





We also paid a quick visit to Cheers


We then walked around Downtown Crossing and had a look in Macy’s and some of the other shops before having a nice stroll along Newbury Street before dinner and drinks then getting back to the hotel to pack up for San Fran.

I enjoyed my few days in Boston but really felt the 3 days were enough to see most of it. Granted, we could’ve gone to Harvard and MIT for a day and seen what it had to offer but I was happy enough to move on. While a beautiful city and one that was nice to see I felt it lacked any buzz and wouldn’t be crazy to rush back there! Give me the rough streets of New York any day! 🙂

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