Orange Chocolate Truffles


You will curse me for passing on this recipe – CURSE me!! They are one of the most addictive things I’ve ever made….and that’s saying something. Once made, you will just find yourself idly walking past the fridge, opening the door and popping ANOTHER yummy sweetie into your mouth. Before you realise it you’ve eaten half the batch! Which is why I always make a double batch 🙂

I’ll give you the recipe for a single batch but sure you know yourself, if you’re a greedy little chocolate loving pig like me, go ahead and make double!

The little foil holders are an optional extra but if you want them, I got these ones from Home Store & More. They are a few quid for a pack of 30.


If I’m honest they’re pretty unnecessary unless you want to impress someone. The sweets are usually gone so quick that no one even notices the foil holders!

The orange essence that I use when baking is from Decobake (they are based in Dublin City & Clane) and it was just a few euro too and lasts a long time.

Anyway – on we go to make these balls of yumminess!

Ingredients List

100ml double cream
100g milk chocolate & 100g dark chocolate broken into pieces
1tsp orange essence
icing sugar, for rolling

100g dark chocolate

1. Pour the cream into a small pan and bring the cream just to the boil. Take it from the heat and stir in the chocolate until it’s fully melted, you might need to add it back onto the heat for a minute but just be careful as it’ll burn easily. Then add the orange essence and mix well.


2. You can leave the mix in the pan to cool or else transfer into a bowl. Once it’s slightly cooled, totally chill in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours. My double batches take a good bit longer than that…. you want it to be hard enough but you still need to be able to get a spoon through it so you can spoon out little balls of the chocolate.

3. Next arrange a sheet of tin foil and throw icing sugar all over it. Scoop out small teaspoons of the mixture and roll into small walnut-sized balls with your hands. Mine are always odd shapes and sizes – no need to be particular here! This is a messy business and the mix starts to get melty with the heat of your hands but it’s worth the mess!! Roll in the icing sugar and then leave them back on a plate or on foil and put back into the fridge to set fully again. I usually leave mine overnight for this part.


4. Get your 100g of melted chocolate and break into pieces then melt either in the microwave or in a very small pan. I do this in a really small bowl as it’s easier to roll the balls through that a large bowl as in the large one the chocolate would be too shallow. So this is another slightly messy bit. I use a skewer but a toothpick / cocktail stick would probably work better as they are smaller.

Take your little ball choc and stick the stick in then roll around the melted chocolate and ensure it’s totally covered. Using a fork push the sweet off the stick and onto a large sheet of foil on a plate. Do this with each ball and then fridge them again for a few hours. No doubt there will be chocolate all over the camp but that’s part of the fun 🙂 They don’t need to be super neat or anything.


For some reason these sweets seem to sweat when they are taken out of the fridge so I always serve them straight from the fridge. They last literally no time at all in my workplace!

Enjoy 🙂

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