777 Georges Street, Dublin


Last weekend we were out in town for a few drinks and dinner. I had a place in mind to go which fell by the wayside so my next big decision was where to go. I have a never-ending list of restaurants I want to try out in Dublin city… every time I tick one off the list I add another 3 on!

E hasn’t been to 777 yet and as much as I wanted to try a new place I haven’t been to before I absolutely LOVE their food and margaritas so we decided to try and get ourselves fed there…. not always an easy task as they don’t take bookings for less than 6 people and the waitlist can grow rapidly!

Those of you who aren’t familiar with it may have actually walked past it without even noticing it. Situated on George’s Street, it’s quite unidentifiable until you see the small black sign sticking out of the wall above you. Then you’ve got to push through the black door and through the curtain before entering the restaurant.

Luckily we were early enough and got a seat at the bar, where they sit most parties of 2. I know this can be off putting for some but I love bar seating to be honest. Granted, I wouldn’t fancy it for a really special romantic night out but in a place like 777 where it’s small and has a casual laid back vibe I really enjoy sitting at the bar just as much as getting a table.

As bar sitting goes, this is a really great bar.



A long bar with white tiled walls with an array of bottled drinks… some of the wall art may not be to everyone’s taste but overall it fits in with the rest of the restaurant. I think the owners (also owners of Dillingers (review here ) and The Butcher’s Grill) have really found a vibe that people enjoy, a more relaxed and casual approach to dining.




We plonked ourselves down and started with a few drinks. It’s an absolute sin to go here and not try the Margaritas, they are the best I’ve ever tasted. We had one of the frozen Margaritas (€10) and one of the Margarita Especial (€12)


777’s food is Mexican but not your typical fajitas and enchiladas style of Mexican. The starters / small dishes section of the menu has quite a big choice of Tostadas & Taquitos along with oysters, squid, tortilla soup, pork flank and Dublin Bay prawn ceviche just some of the choices. I always say I’ll try something different but the Chorizo Taquitos (€9) reel me in every time. They are utterly amazing – 3 small wraps with such soft tender meat and a good fiery kick to them. Apologies for the rubbish photo – I was in such a rush to start eating that I forgot to take a pic when they came out!


Choice of mains isn’t as vast but still has a good selection. There’s the Market Fish, Jerk Chicken, Pork Hock, Lamb Rump, Ribs and Beef to name a few. E went for the Asada de Carne – grilled Flank steak, artichoke & broad bean gremolata (€26) and I chose the Pollo Pollito – Mexican Jerk 1/2 chicken, cheese & jalapeno cornbread with a citrus slaw (€20). We also got a side of Elotes – Mexican style sweetcorn (€6). E is a “well done” beef man and on ordering he requested this. I had a little snigger to myself when the waitress informed him that no, he couldn’t have it well done, it was cooked medium – end of  🙂

For once in my life I ordered the better dish…. I’m usually left drooling over E’s choice but on this occasion the roles reversed. His beef was good …..

…but my chicken was absolutely amazing. Huge portion sizes and the softest chicken I’ve tasted. It was without a doubt the best chicken that I’ve eaten.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the cheese and jalapeno cornbread (E ate that instead) but the side of corn doused in cheese more than made up for it.

We ate every last bit of food between us and handed back empty plates save for the chicken bones.

There was physically no more room in our tums for dessert but we did manage another drink before our allocated 2 hour time slot was up and we had to scarper. If it weren’t for that I think we would have happily sat there for another few hours enjoying the fabulous Margaritas!

The bill came in at €105 for one starter, two mains, one side and four cocktails.

I really can’t fault the food in this place. I’ve been numerous times now and never had a bad meal, in fact I’ve eaten the best meat I’ve ever tasted here on my past 2 visits. It definitely isn’t the cheapest restaurant on the block but I have no problem paying for really good food. That coupled with the friendly and laid back atmosphere in 777 keeps me wanting to go back.

7 Castle House,
South Great Georges Street,
Dublin 2

Ph: 01 – 425 40 52
Web: http://www.777.ie/index.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/777.dublin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/777dublin

You can also follow me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/KatesKabin

Or Twitter here: https://twitter.com/kateskabin


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