Wine & Fizz Fest in Dundrum


You may have noticed that I love my wine. Red, White, Rose, Cava, Prosecco, Champagne – I love it all! So when I spotted on Twitter that there was a small wine festival being held in Dundrum I was a dead cert! It was being run by Deveney’s of Dundrum Main Street and with a name like Wine & Fizz Fest it was always going to get people interested. They ran a similar event a few months back with the focus on beer and I heard great feedback on that.

I would have gone and paid full price but it just so happened that they ran a GrabOne deal where I got the two tickets for €12 – happy days!

So last Saturday we hopped on the bus to Dundrum, looking forward to a glass or two of wine and some dinner in one of the local restaurants. The festival was set up in the Pembroke District outside the shopping centre. They had a large gazebo set up right next to The Port House. We strolled in and were given our free wine glass which also had to be used for our drinks for our time there. There was plenty of space around the hall, with the wine stands all set up around the outer area. We got ourselves a nice glass each and found a spot at a table.




The wines were all sold in smaller measures and ranged from about €2 upwards with most being about €2.50 and the odd champagne or special wine being quite a bit dearer.


If you weren’t as big into wine there was also a stand selling some beers and cocktails – well, I just had to try out one of those Raspberry Floats – loved it!



We were starving and just wanted something small to tide us over till dinner so we went to The Port House’s stand and got a little snack of some Paella and Chorizo on a lovely ciabatta. I adore the food in the Port House and it’s been a while since I’ve visited. This little taster reminded me to go back soon!


Apart from the wine and food, there was a little band set up in the corner playing some jazz and also some art on sale. I’m by no means into art but there were some pretty cool paintings on show. Here’s a few of my faves.




I also learnt a few interesting facts – did you know that wine is mentioned 521 times in the bible?! Me either! 


So after a few more tasters of the wine and Prosecco we bought a lovely bottle of bubbles from So Prosecco and left to hit Harvey Nicks for a few cocktails.


Quick mention to HN here, I’d never been before and was really impressed with both their food hall and the bar area. I’ve heard they do a great brunch which I must try. I have to say the cocktails were so good! If we hadn’t been STARVING we would have stayed for a lot more than our 2 drinks here.



Overall I was impressed with the WineFizzFest. I got the tickets for cheap as chips and then the drinks inside were reasonable. It was a nice start to an evening and I’ll be keeping an eye out for any future events from Deveneys.


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