FXB’s Steakhouse, Pembroke Street, Dublin


It’s been a while since I had a night out with dinner and drinks and a good old chat with the girls. When myself and E aren’t eating our way through Dublin, I love going for a bite to eat and a few glasses of wine with the girls before heading out afterwards. It gives us a chance to catch up properly without having to shout over each other in a bar.

So last week off we headed into town for dinner and drinks. Restaurant choice was up to the birthday girls and they chose FXB’s on Pembroke Street. I was happy as Larry as I’d not eaten there before and heard good stuff about the steak – a good steak = Happy Kate 🙂

We had a nice drink in Vintage Cocktails Club first and after our taxi man getting lost and in a bit of a flap we finally arrived.

There’s so many lovely restaurants in this part of town, you’re just down the road from Stephen’s Green with it’s many offerings and then along Merrion Row you’ve got plenty to choose from.  FXB’s seem well able to keep up with the competition though and have a great reputation for decent steak around town. They’ve numerous locations around the city and also one in Monkstown. They started out with a butcher’s on Moore Street back in the 30’s and have come a long way since. From their online shop you can also buy beef, pudding, sausages and rashers.

Outside is a lovely cosy patio area for the smokers.


We went straight on in and were seated upstairs. First things first we got some wine in. I’m a lot more picky about white wine than I am about red and usually look for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – never the cheaper option on the menu unfortunately! The Lawson Sauvignon was priced pretty much average for this popular New Zealand wine at €34 a bottle.

On looking at the food menu the first thing I noticed was that they have an All Night Value menu – 3 courses for €29.95. On a Saturday night in this area of town that’s a total bargain! Unfortunately what I wanted for main course wasn’t on the Value Menu so I went with the A La Carte. To start we went for the Ceasar Salad, €7.25, Bread & Dips, €4.00 (that was me the carb lover!) and the Black Pudding Croquette with Pearl Barley & Green herb dressing, €8.95. I was torn between the bread and the croquette too but was pretty damn hungry that evening and just wanted bread!

All the starters went down well. I’m not sure how mind blowing a Ceasar salad can be but it was polished off.


The black pudding croquette was absolutely to die for!


I kinda wished I got that but my lovely fresh bread and selection of dips was fab and hit the spot. There was a lovely sundried tomato dip, a tapenade and some pesto – all really tasty.


Mains weren’t a hard choice to make. The other two girls went for the 8oz fillet, €27.50 and I opted for the steak and seafood, €28.50 – a 6oz fillet with prawns, spring onion mash and a side of béarnaise sauce which I changed to a pepper sauce. I loooooove getting steak with prawns, I adore both so it’s amazing when I see it on a menu and almost always go for it. The prawns were massive and super juicy, just how I like them and the char on the steak was fab.


All three of us devoured the steaks along with the Cajun onion ring side order we got.


There was a decent selection of desserts to choose from, cheesecake, crème brulee, chocolate tart and a cheese  board….. however, we were way too full and starting to get a bit “merry” after polishing off another bottle of wine.  It was also pretty handy how they split the menu up by person for you too – saves a lot of effort!


We left the restaurant full and happy after a great feed. FXB’s do a really good steak and I’ll definitely visit one of their other branches around town when I have a meat craving again in the future!

1a Lower Pembroke St.
Dublin 2

Ph: 676 4606
Web: http://pembroke.fxbuckley.ie/

You can also follow me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/KatesKabin

Or Twitter here: https://twitter.com/kateskabin


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