Beeftro, Dundrum


I swear to God this will be my last Steak post for a while! In the past few weeks almost every restaurant that I’ve been to has been a steakhouse with  Shanahan’s , FXB’s Steakhouse , and now Beeftro. I will add a bit more variety soon, promise!  🙂

You really can’t beat a good steak though. I always get mine rare and usually with some mash and pepper sauce… I’m always afraid to try another sauce in case I don’t like it and my meal is ruined!

A few months back a new spot opened in the Pembroke District in Dundrum, called Beeftro. As you’d guess with a name like that, the menu is heaven for the carnivores out there. I’d wanted to try it for a while as I’d heard lots of good chat about it. So the other week after a lovely few hours at the Wine & Fizz Festival , myself and E were in dire need of some soakage and had our hearts set on a big juicy steak at Beeftro.

We strolled in to the restaurant at about 8.30 on a Saturday evening. I ALWAYS make reservations but I guess with this being based at a shopping centre I didn’t really think it’d be too busy…. I was wrong! The place was buzzing and the waitress informed us that we’d have a bit of a wait for a table so we plonked ourselves at a table outside and wrapped a blanket around ourselves as it was Baltic. Only a few minutes later she came back out to us and explained they’d had a cancellation and so had a seat for us – thank GOD as we were starving by now!

Tables are nicely spaced out and you aren’t sitting on top of your neighbours. The interior is clean cut but cosy with lots of dark wood and leather. We took our seats and were given a lovely little wooden basket of bread and decided on some wine first. A nice bottle of Domaine Corbellieres Sauvignon Blanc was priced at €32 and we went for that.


More importantly – onto the food! There was a pretty good mix, plenty to choose from including Blue cheese, Duck salad, Calamari, Chicken wings, Carpaccio of Beef & French Onion soup – priced from about €5.50 to €12. For some reason I wasn’t in the mood for a starter but E got the French Onion Soup, €5.50. This came out in a lovely black iron dish and was piping hot! In my haste to try it, I burned the tongue off myself! The soup was so comforting and salty, just yum. E isn’t a fan of cheese and forgot to ask for it without, so I dutifully took chunks of the gorgeous melty cheese from the bowl and plonked it on the white bread… so I guess I had a starter anyway 🙂


For mains the obvious choice is a steak and they have a few options. However if you aren’t in the mood for it, the other mains on offer are burgers and a few fish and chicken choices. We both went for the Fillet, €29.50 (beginning to see a pattern here?!). The steaks come with a potato puree of your choice. I love anything spicy that burns your mouth a bit so went with the jalapeno chilli and E went for the BBQ. Next choice is your sauce, I’d heard rave reviews on the marrow sauce but was totally predictable and went for the pepper sauce. Sauces are all separate and priced at €1.50 – possibly my only gripe with the whole restaurant experience, it’s not expensive but I kinda think your sauce should be included.

Once the steaks arrived we made pretty short work of them. E always gets his well done, me always rare. I am not into well done beef at all but I will admit on tasting his, it was still really tender and tasted fab. Mine was rare and beautifully soft and juicy.


We made bad choices with the sauce on our puree though. I’m not sure why we thought a chilli or BBQ sauce on mash would pair well with the pepper sauce we both got…. Both were equally tasty but the mixture of different sauces on our parts was silly – I should keep the Jalepeno’s for my pizza in future! The pureed potatoes were absolutely to die for, not a lump in sight and so creamy and soft. The sauces on them were gorgeous when kept separate to our pepper sauces and as is the norm we cleared our plates.


After that we needed to take a bit of a breather. Our wine had rapidly diminished so we had another look over the menu and decided to splash out on our fave white, a nice Marlborough, New Zealand called Tin Pot Hut, €37. I adore this wine… it went down way too easily!

After a little break to let the steak digest we decided to share a dessert. We’re both full on chocaholics and it’s our first choice on any dessert menu. Hot chocolate fondant with banana ice cream, €6.50…. how could you go wrong?! Dessert arrived and OH. MY. GOD. Was it good! The chocolate sauce was smooth and just the right amount of sweet and bitter and the ice cream went perfectly with it. Needless to say that lot got polished off too!


We sat over the second bottle of wine for quite a while. All evening while we were there, we’d seen a steady stream of people through the door and it only really started to quieten down at about 10.30. I predict Beeftro will only get more and more popular as they serve just great quality food. We both agreed it was spot on in Beeftro and will most definitely return – next time I’ll try the truffle puree and marrow sauce!

Pembroke District
Dundrum Town Centre
Dublin 16

Ph: 0353 1 2988874

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