Brunch in Hugo’s, Merrion Row


Last weekend myself and E went on a little Christmas day out in town. Brunch and a few drinks it was meant to be… it turned into brunch and many, many drinks!

I’ve often wandered down Merrion Row and looked in the fairy lit window of Hugo’s and thought “I must go there”. So when a deal came up for Brunch for 2 at €15 a few weeks back I snapped it up. I booked us in for our Christmas drinks day at 3pm…. A bit of soakage in between cocktails around the city!

We started the day in The Exchequer then dropped into Fallon & Byrne and Damson Diner. Town had such a lovely festive atmosphere and we soaked it up in our Christmas t shirts 🙂 



Leaving Damson Diner, the rain was pouring so we lazily jumped in a cab to Hugo’s.


By this point we were both starving! Arriving to Hugo’s I was delighted to see the place was buzzing. When I say buzzing, I mean packed. It’s a small enough place and there was barely a table free. Two guys were playing Christmas carols on their guitars…. it set a lovely atmosphere. There were garlands and fairy lights all around and it was extremely Christmassy.



So, being impressed with the interior and atmosphere, we were seated and ordered a bottle of Prosecco, pretty averagely priced for town at €32, and had a look over the menu. The usual suspects of a Brunch menu really, the Full Irish, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Omelettes and then something slightly different in Seafood Chowder, Chicken Liver and Garlic Pate & Jamaican Jerk Chicken plus some other options. E had a major craving for a full fry so went for the Full Irish (€12.95) and I was torn between the Chorizo, Pepper & Onion Omelette or the Smoked Haddock with Poached Egg. I decided on the omelette in the end (€12.25).

Service was speedy…. And when I say speedy I mean too quick to be honest. The food was out to us in about 5 minutes so we barely had a chance to sit back and have a drink. I was dying for my omelette but was pretty underwhelmed by it. It was overdone for my preference and I got about 3 small pieces of chorizo in it. The chips it came with were grand… just grand.


E was happy with his full brekkie – it was certainly substantial with 2 of everything with toast. I tried the pudding and sausages and while the pudding was lovely I thought the sausages were really tough. I wasn’t overly impressed so far.


As per usual, neither of us could say no to trying dessert so we went for the chocolate and hazelnut mousse cup, €5.95. Presentation was very nice in a little jar and this was the best part of the meal to me. There was a lovely pistachio mousse on top of a fabulous layer of chocolate, all topped off with some nuts for texture. The 2 cappuccinos were lovely too so the end of the meal was definitely a step up from the mains for me!



Despite feeling rushed at the start as it was so busy, by now the crowd had filtered out so we took our time over the bottle of Prosecco then went to The Cliff Townhouse for a few fabulous cocktails and onto 37 Dawson Street…. it all got a bit hazy after that! 🙂



It really was a lovely restaurant and I’ve heard quite good reports on dinner in Hugo’s so I won’t totally write it off just yet. I guess the time of year that we went just added to the fact that our food was fired at us really! But the positives were nice staff, prices that weren’t over the top for drinks and dessert and a lovely atmosphere.

6 Merrion Row
Dublin 2
Ph: 00353 1 6765955

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