Chocolate Chip Shortbread


You just can’t beat some nice choccy biscuits when you throw yourself onto the sofa in the evening can you!? I love them and would easily much my way through half a packet if I let myself. I especially love shortbread and it’s one of the easiest biscuits to make.

This recipe is done in no time and the choc chips and thick layer of chocolate all over the top are optional…. you can try to be less of a fatty than I am and just leave those out and have plain shortbread…. but we all know that chocolate makes everything that bit better! 🙂

Ingredients List
125g Butter
55g Caster Sugar
180g Plain Flour
100g Chocolate Chips (optional)

Chocolate for melting on top is optional and amount depends on how much chocolate you like but about 100g would do it.

1. Heat the oven to 190 Celsius or about 170 if you have a fan oven.

2. In your mixing bowl, beat the butter and sugar together until they are smooth.

3. Sieve in the flour and mix until it has all come together. Add the choc chips and ensure they are evenly distributed through the mix.

4. Turn the mixture out onto a floured work surface and gently roll it out till it’s about half an inch thick.

5. Using cookie cutters or something similar, cut into your preferred shape and place on a baking tray. Sprinkle with a little sugar. Chill in the fridge for about 20 mins.

6. Throw into the oven for 15-20 minutes. Once taken from the oven leave to cool for about 15 mins then if you want to add chocolate to the top just melt it in a bowl in the microwave then dip the biscuits in and leave to set for about 20 more minutes.


That’s it!

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