Meet & Meat, South William Street – Now Closed!

Unfortunately Meet & Meat has now closed and there is a Ladurée macaron store there instead!


For once in my life I was out and about town when the new kid on the block opened! As I don’t live or work near the city centre, it always takes me a while to get in and check out the new food and drinks spots. But this past weekend myself and E happened to be taking a nice long weekend for ourselves, staying over in town and having dinner and drinks followed by a day wandering around Dublin.

A few days previous, I had spotted on Twitter that a new place was opening on South William Street. Meet & Meat, a café deli by day and wine bar at night, immediately had my interest. All I saw was the word wine and I was interested! So on our way to dinner was decided to drop in and have a drink or two.

It’s located on the corner where Exchequer Street meets South William Street. As a really popular area of the city, it’s a great location for a place like this. From outside it looked dark and cosy and very inviting underneath the striped awning – so in we went!

Inside it’s like a cross between a deli and a New York style bistro. The walls were covered in shiny tiles with an exposed brickwork wall adorned with Meet & Meat separating the room.


Behind the counter shelves were full with wine bottles


and meat hung from the hooks in the window. (real… fake???)


We took a seat at the ledge and were greeted by a staff member who talked us through some wine options as the menus had not yet arrived. We went with 2 glasses of the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and got comfy.


If like me, you like a bit of people watching this place is ideal. It looks directly out onto one of the busiest areas around town come the weekends. There was a nice buzz about the place even though it was a Thursday night and it had literally just opened. As we had dinner booked we weren’t eating but I saw plenty of people trying out the flatbreads (which smelled delicious!) and the charcuterie boards.



After the wine we ordered a glass of Prosecco and took our time over them before dinner. I would happily have spent the night there had we not already had dinner reservations so we asked the manager what time they opened the following day and vowed to go back for lunch!

They actually open from 8am, serving breakfast until 11.30 then start serving lunch. So, the next morning we skipped brekkie and dropped back in for a bit of lunch. They have a pretty good selection for lunch with a meat or veggie soup, about 6 different sandwich and wrap options plus a Sandwich of the Day and Roast of the Day.

We decided to share and went for the special of brisket with horseradish sauce and Where’s the Meat, a veggie wrap. We picked up a few drinks and waited eagerly for our food.


I’ve no idea why E decided to go for the veggie option… why would you do that when there’s heaps of meat on offer?! But I was pleasantly surprised – the wrap was full of falafel, hummus, roasted red peppers, shredded cabbage and mint yoghurt. It was my first time tasting falafel and it was really tasty!


And on to the real deal – my brisket sambo. The bread was really fresh and there was plenty of meat to fill it. I put a dollop of the hot horshradish sauce on and enjoyed every last bite… it was the kind of sandwich you just don’t want to end.



I have to say this spot is definitely somewhere I will return to. The one thing I’d say is that it’s that bit more expensive than other lunchtime options around the same area but I’m really looking forward to trying out the evening menu and tasting some more wine. It’s in the area of town that I really love and had such a nice feel to it and really friendly staff. I’ll be back!

Update – took these snaps when I was more recently in for dinner so you can see what’s on offer and the prices – I can attest that the flatbreads are delish! 🙂




Meet & Meat

Corner of Exchequer St & South William St.

Dublin 2

Ph: 00353 1 969 6888


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