Faat Baat, Dawson Street – NOW CLOSED!


September 2014 – I have been informed that unfortunately Faat Baat is now closed – a shame as the food was great!

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited to a blogger’s dinner in Faat Baat on Dawson Street. I’d seen them on Twitter a while before and had dropped in for some cocktails but not yet eaten there so was delighted with the offer!

Faat Baat occupies the premises that used to be Tiger Becks a few years back, in the basement area of what is now called The Dawson Hotel, previously known as La Stampa Hotel. It’s a Pan Asian restaurant with a vast menu that I was DYING to try out. I knew they did great cocktails in their funky Go-Go bar from my previous visit so had a feeling I was in for a treat!

Cocktails on my first visit

I’ve only been to a few blogger events so it was great to meet some of the people who I interact with on Twitter quite a bit. We got seated and Joey who runs the show, came over and talked us through things. We were to have 6 different courses (yes SIX!!) And in those courses some of them had 2 options. I fully expected to just get a tiny taster of each dish but, not so – I ROLLED out of the place!

All set and ready to eat!

First up was something I was really interested in – Dim Sum. I’ve never tried these little Cantonese dumplings before – I have been missing out! We got a selection of pork and prawn dim sum served in the steaming baskets. My favourite was the pork, absolutely beautifully soft and great with a bit of the dipping sauce.


Next up was the Prawn Summer Rolls. They were a really light and fresh option. So far so good and not overly stuffed!


Course number 2 brought us Larb Gai and Meat Sung. These were similar to Yuk Sung. The Larb Gai is a ground chicken salad with chilli, coriander, shallots and a lovely addition of mint leaves. The Meat Sung was delicious – roast pork and duck, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, water chestnut, soy sauce and sesame seeds, served in a baby gem lettuce leaf.

Third course was one of the tastiest for me. A big bowl of the speciality BAAT wings, crispy chicken wings tossed in the zingy BAAT sauce – a definite winner for me! And secondly Salt & Pepper squid. I’ve had squid twice before and honestly didn’t like it one bit, hated the rubbery texture of it. This dish was so much better than the last time I’d tried it though. It may have been slightly too salty, but for someone who doesn’t really love squid like me, plenty of seasoning is a must!

Course number Four was the one I was most excited about. Towards the end of last year I had my first Massaman curry in Opium and suffice to say I fell in love with it. We were served individual dishes of the curry which smelled devine. A rich, creamy, coconutty dish with soft lamb and cashews – what’s not to love? This will now be my first choice in any restaurants with it on the menu – I love it! It’s a pretty heavy meal with the creamy sauce so not one to go for if you are looking for something less substantial. By this point I was getting seriously full!


The last of the courses before dessert was a much lighter dish – Scallop & Prawn, stir fried prawns and scallops with oyster sauce and Asian greens. I adore prawns and scallops so loved this dish.


Last up – dessert!! I can honestly say we were all super full by now, but I wouldn’t EVER be able to pass on dessert…. Especially when it’s a Chocolate Fudge Brownie. This along with some vanilla ice cream and a cappuccino finished off what was a fab meal.


Joey had told us that he spent time in New York and from what he experienced there he developed a concept for Faat Baat being a relaxed place serving great food with sharing options and getting a taste for many dishes while enjoying quality cocktails. What I tasted while there met this on every level. The food was fantastic and having tasted many Margaritas around Dublin I would say these were in the top 5 list!

I was delighted to see on Twitter that last Thursday they were fully booked so word is getting out that Faat Baat is a great new spot. I’d highly recommend it for a chilled out meal or even just a few drinks at the bar…. They do supply some AMAZING prawn crackers with the drinks too so that’s reason enough to drop by 🙂

Check out their diverse menu here: http://media.wix.com/ugd/d583f8_b4813913f6e34a47a2f8c7c892a68d8c.pdf

Faat Baat, 35 Dawson St, Dublin 2
Ph: +353 1 677 4444 Web: http://www.faatbaat.ie/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FAATBAAT

** This meal was offered to me free of charge, compliments of Faat Baat. As with any complimentary events, I gave no undertaking to write a review & I reserved the right to review it honestly.

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