Odessa….Best Brunch in Dublin? I hope not!!


If you Google “best brunch in Dublin”, Odessa will appear pretty high up on the list… in fact on some lists it’s number 1. My experience with Brunch has mainly been when I was in New York but over the past year I’ve tried a few places for Brunch around Dublin – and it’s been pretty hit and miss! A great meal in Dillinger’s..… a not so great meal in Hugo’s. So when myself and E decided to go for brunch last week, we decided to try out Odessa as it has such a good reputation.

We booked about 5 days in advance, just in case it was to get fully booked! On arriving at the restaurant, we were told we’d been moved upstairs to the bar… no apology or explanation – just told to go upstairs instead. So off we went!

When we arrived at the bar we were seated and our waitress apologised for the move. At first I wasn’t all that bothered by being moved to be honest, the bar area was nice and cosy… sofas and big chairs and a pile of newspapers to flick through.


So we sat down and started to look over the menu. Only to be greeted by another waitress who asked us to move to another table. So off we moved again!

Finally comfortable we got to look at the menu properly and decided to start with a drink. We both chose a Mimosa at €5.50… then spotted that they do a jug of it for €35.50. Working out that if we bought a few each we’d have that spent and the jug was bound to give us more value for money, we ordered that. Shouldn’t have bothered really as we most definitely didn’t get any extra per person out of it… we felt slightly “had”.


I’ll move onto the food. E almost always goes for the Full Irish and today was no exception, he chose The Odessa…pork & chive sausages, smoked streaky bacon, homemade baked beans, home fries, Clonakilty black pudding, tomato, scrambled or poached eggs with an English muffin at €12.95 and I went for Scrambled Egg with chorizo and roast red pepper, served with home fries and toasted English muffin at €11.95.

We waited quite a while for the food to come, but didn’t really mind as Brunch is meant to be a bit more relaxed isn’t it? But… we were starving! Anyway I digress…. His fry up arrived and was pretty substantial. The 2 sausages were really big and tasted great, I don’t like streaky rashers and if I were to eat them I prefer them a bit crispier than they were, the poached eggs were cooked well but the black pudding was completely dried out and hard.


My eggs were nice…. Kinda “just nice” if I’m honest though. The chorizo was lovely but the red peppers didn’t taste of anything at all really. The muffin was good. I have a serious problem with the “home fries” though. I’ve had home fries when in the USA and a couple of times over here… they usually come with some seasoning and possibly have the skins on and have been cooked differently to chips… these were just like chips but in a different shape – I ate them because I was starving but I wasn’t overly impressed.


We took our time over the rest of our pitcher of Mimosa. There was a nice relaxed atmosphere with a few groups of friends catching up over brunch and drinks, some lone diners and a few couples with small kids. I left feeling that Odessa is nowhere near all it’s made out to be. Being moved from the restaurant to the bar without any consultation, the rip off pitcher of cocktail and just average food… I sincerely hope this isn’t the best brunch in Dublin and I’ll keep searching to prove it isn’t!

Odessa, 14 Dame Ct, Dublin 2
Ph: 00 3531 670 7634 Web: http://boomclick.ie/odessa/#intro

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8 thoughts on “Odessa….Best Brunch in Dublin? I hope not!!

  1. I can’t agree more!

    We chose Odessa as it got such good reviews, and you’re right #1 in a few places… I can only imagine that the standard has dropped off SIGNIFICANTLY!

    You were lucky to be in the bar upstairs, we were in the basement, so stuffy and worn.

    I had a good view of the bar and noticed that the OJ was served from a carton. For the price I’d expect it to be freshly squeezed!

    M had the full Irish as well (surprise surprise!) he had a similar experience to E… why no butter for the English muffin? I had the Huevos Rancheros and was so disappointed, I felt it was made by someone who had never even seen the dish, let alone tasted it, before!

    And the service? Oh my god, awful. But… after a bit of research this does not surprise me. It’s owned by a guy who seems to have little or no regard for his staff, suppliers or customers so I’m really not surprised that some of his attitude has filtered down to the staff. I’ll be avoiding his establishments in future.

    I’m so glad you posted this as I thought may I was just a bit too critical the day I went!


    • Not too critical at all Laura! No butter, no sauces or anything.. .and no chance of getting the attention of staff to ask for any! So I had a lovely dry eggs and chipped potatoes with my muffin. I really was so so disappointed.

      I haven’t been VERY disappointed by a meal out for quite a while to be honest – I was disgusted having to pay a fair whack for what we got. Will NOT be going back!

  2. I would be inclined to agree, ladies. First time I went (a few years ago now) their Eggs Benedict was amazing. The last time, which would have been January 2013, I wasn’t so impressed. Shame. Now the challenge is to find THE best brunch in Dublin. Kate, I’m sure you will accept that challenge 😉

    • Yeah it wasn’t great at all! I have heard so many people praising Brasserie 66 recently. I’ve eaten there 3 times over the last few years and each time the food was ok but service was absolutely shocking so I’ve avoided it. Maybe brunch instead of a Saturday night dinner will bring them back up in my expectations! 🙂

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