Mayfield Deli & Eatery, Terenure


It’s always nice to discover a little known gem of a place… somewhere not city centre and not always requiring booking ahead or waiting half an hour for a table. I recently visited the Mayfield Deli & Eatery in Terenure with my Mam and was pleasantly surprised to find a LOT more than a deli!

I’d heard the odd murmer about this place, but as lots of the blogs I follow tend to feature many city centre spots, it wasn’t really brought too much to my attention. But on a Saturday late afternoon a few weeks ago, we decided to drop in for a coffee and a cake – then ended up instead having something more substantial.

First off I was surprised by the interior. It’s anything but your typical café or restaurant here… they sell bits of furniture, wallpaper, jewellery and other house-y stuff.




Inside everything seems completely mis-matched and whacky … but somehow works!

Quirky jugs of milk, lovely light fixtures and random chairs hanging from the ceiling – fabulous! 🙂




We sat in the front area, a casual café … but then decided we’d have some dinner instead of just coffee and a cake and were shown through to an unexpectedly large dining area. Shiny mahogany tables and glowing candles made it a lovely place to sit and eat.



I chose a Prawn and chorizo salad with cherry tomatoes, pickled cucumber and a chilli & lime dressing. Mam had a very generous goat’s cheese with warm lentils, roast veg and a balsamic dressing…. the portion was great value. The ingredients were fresh and tasty – everything was presented perfectly.



After dinner we relaxed and had another glass of wine and a coffee.


Staff were super extremely friendly and helpful. This is the perfect spot for a nice drink on the courtyard and a relaxed bite to eat somewhere local instead of the usual busy crowds of the city centre.



Mayfield Deli, 7-11 Terenure Road North, Dublin 6W

Ph: 0353 1 492 6830  Facebook: Twitter:

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