Kate’s Kabin is 1 year old – the food packed year in review!


One full year! Today Kate’s Kabin is one year old… how quickly does a year pass by you?! In a way it feels like I’ve been blogging forever but on the other hand it feels like the past year has flown by.

I have been a major food fan for years and last year, after reading many other blogs, decided to do something with it. I was going to so many nice places that I wanted to share them… and so Kate’s Kabin was born. I just wish that I’d started it much earlier – I’ve been to so many other fabulous places that I could have blogged … but listen, it gives me an excuse to go back to them 🙂

It’s been great to recap on all my blog posts from the last 12 months… click on any that you like the sound of to have a read.

I did a little bit of travelling and had some fab trips to London, San Francisco and Boston. London is one of my all time favourite cities and I discovered how amazing San Francisco is. I wasn’t a huge fan of Boston though to be honest! I also had a trip to France with my Mam last Summer which was fab.






I had a few lovely breaks in Ireland also with a visit to the Cliff House Hotel in Waterford, Delphi Mountain Resort in Connemara and closer to home in Carton House.






I’ve also had some lovely food days out, like Taste of Dublin, the Tapas Trail, the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival last year (which is coming up again this weekend incidentally, well worth a visit!)



Top Image

top image 4 pics

I’ve eaten out in so many fabulous places in Dublin. My absolute faves were the amazing steak in Shanahan’s on the Green, fantastic food and margaritas at 777, Opium, Las Tapas de Lola, Vintage Cocktail Club & The Saddle Room in the Shelbourne.






top image

I did have a couple of average meals too – I tend not to blog them when I’m let down but sometimes I still want to share it, especially if a place has a great reputation and I’ve been really disappointed. Case in point was brunch in Odessa , another dodgy brunch in Hugo’s on Merrion Row and more recently, a massively disappointing meal in the brand new Brookwood on Baggot Street.


fish & chips

One of the nice perks of being a food blogger is getting the odd invite to an event and through a couple of these I’ve met a few of the other bloggers who I follow regularly on Facebook, Twitter & WordPress. There’s great interaction between bloggers online and they are a great source of info for me and often how I find out about a new venue. It’s been lovely to meet these girls and if you enjoy my blog you should check out Dublin Diary, Gin & Griddle; French Foodie in Dublin.


The blog statistics make for interesting reading – I love checking them out! Over the past year I’ve had over 60,000 hits on Kate’s Kabin. Without doubt my most popular blog post over the past year was House on Leeson Street… I blogged this months and months ago but it still gets SO MANY hits daily and my photos have been featured on a hen party organisers site too.





Cocktails are clearly getting more and more popular in Dublin and my posts on the Liquor Rooms and Vintage Cocktail Club gain much interest.



Restaurant wise the top ones have been Meet & Meat, a lovely wine bar on South William Street, The early bird at Shanahan’s, the brand new Exchequer Wine Bar in Ranelagh and the ever popular Etto on Merrion Row.





I don’t just eat out though, I do bake myself. I love nothing more than spending the evening baking a lovely new cake recipe. A strange one but the all time most searched recipe on my blog is the Mint Aero cupcakes and Aero Squares! I’m surprised by that one but they seem really popular. Another often searched term is a fave of mine, White chocolate, lemon and raspberry loaf cake. The Toblerone cheesecake is also a winner in the stats.





So enough reminiscing! I hope that I have as much fun blogging over the next year as I have the past and continue to share with you the many fabulous restaurants around Dublin and the many cakes I bake! Thanks for all the likes, shares, retweets and favourites over the last 12 months and I look forward to many more 🙂

Kate. x

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7 thoughts on “Kate’s Kabin is 1 year old – the food packed year in review!

  1. Congrats on blogging for one year!! What awesome pictures and beautiful memories created in year one!! I hope your 2nd year of blogging is off to amazing start!
    BTW, nice connecting with you on twitter!

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