Il Panorama Cafe, Howth


I’m about to let you all in on a secret – the absolute BEST pizza I’ve tasted outside of Rome. In a way I want to keep it all to myself but that would just be mean 🙂

Last weekend the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival took place in Howth. Having been to the festival before I knew there was no way I was missing it this year! I couldn’t make it on the Sunday and was pretty disappointed to wake up on the Saturday morning to a miserable day – especially as the week had been lovely up till then! But I checked in on Twitter and a few people assured me the weather wasn’t quite as bad in Howth so I threw my brolly in my bag and we set off!

We had a quick coffee and a mosey around the market stalls before heading down to the tents and grabbing some fish and chips and a few other treats from the local restaurant stalls.

fish and chips


After a few drinks in a couple of the pubs we had worked up a hunger (what’s new?!) We’d visited this tiny little café one fabulous summer day last year after doing the Dublin Bay Cruise and decided we’d drop in there.

On a side note – if you are looking for something nice to do on a sunny day the cruises are great, we had a fabulous day for it last year:



Il Panorama is on the Harbour Road in Howth and pretty small so you could have passed it and missed it. On our last visit we spent the evening outside on a bench sipping prosecco in the sunshine and vowed to go back for food.


Inside we were blessed to get a set at the ledge looking out onto the road. We counted seating space and you’d only fit about 14 people seated but that didn’t deter anyone as there were plenty of people piled in by the end of the evening! They have a small deli counter where you can buy some sweet treats or paninis to take away.


Then there’s the bar area and another small ledge where you can buy some lovely jars of sauces and the likes of Tim Tams!

bar area


So onto the food and drink! This place has got to be the best value in Howth. Glasses of Prosecco are €5.50 and glasses of wine just €4.90. As I’m used to going out in town and paying plenty more than that I was delighted and took advantage of this by have a fair few red wines 🙂

My day’s eating basically consisted of bread, cheese and wine on this day – and that is NOT a bad thing! We decided on the Bruschetta al pomodoro to share as our starter (saving room for pizza!). The portion was very generous and with some fabulous balsamic drizzled over it, it was beautiful!


So now the best part – the pizza! All the pizzas were about €9. I chose the Sarda – mozzarella, salami, mushroom and artichoke, but left the artichoke off as I’m not a fan.

pizza 1

E made up his own pizza with salami, ham and pineapple – no cheese for the weirdo cheese hater!

e pizza

The pizzas came out steaming hot and smelled AMAZING!

close up pizza

The base was super thin, none of the doughy American style bases here.

pizza close up

The toppings were so tasty and while I’m a greedy cow and would always eat more, there was just the right amount on each. We both devoured the full pizza and said over and over again how good they were.

After a little bit of a break we decided to go for dessert. I was in serious cheese mode but knew I couldn’t manage a full cheese board myself so asked the waiter if they’d make me up a small one with some crackers. Crackers were a no no but the rest he said was not a problem and he’d bring some bread.

So I expected a small amount of cheese and couple of slices of a baguette but got a small plate piled high with beautiful fresh creamy cheeses and a basket of hot bread straight from the Panini press. It was DEVINE. So after bread for starter and a full pizza I now had a basket of bread and plate of cheese to myself for dessert! I managed most of it but did leave a few little chunks of cheese – not the chilly cheese though, that was my favourite!

cheese and bread

close up cheese

E went for the carrot cake and a cappuccino and didn’t have a single complaint. The all important icing on the carrot cake got the thumbs up!

carrot cake

We stayed in the café for another while having a drink and watching the sun go down.


Our total bill for 4 glasses of wine, 2 soft drinks, 1 starter, 2 pizzas, my cheese and bread and carrot cake and cappuccino came to €65 – without a doubt the best value and most fabulous pizza…. I can’t wait to go back and if you are in the area you should definitely try it!

Il Panorama Café
Habbour Road
Co. Dublin
Ph: 00353 1839 7282

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