Secret Garden, Dublin


Yesterday was mine and E’s anniversary… for the last 365 days he’s put up with me! πŸ™‚ And it so happened there was a pop up restaurant in town so what better way to celebrate than to have some nice food and drinks in Dublin.

The weather wasn’t great so I was a bit worried we’d get soaked at the outdoor venue but off we went to Meeting House Square in Temple Bar, not really sure what to expect. The set up was great, a small enough space with some astro laid down and benches for seating.



There was a real effort to make the place cosy and they provided blankets to keep the chill away! The little garden touches were very cute.



The menu offered 5 courses and some wine for just €20 – a great deal!



Poor E wasn’t sure how he’d get on as he struggles with adventurous food, particularly fish! So when the first course of mackerel came out I was surprised he even tasted it never mind ate the whole thing!

The Bloody Mary was different to anything I’ve ever tasted with the foam melting away as we ate it.

bloody mary

Next up was the potato skin with sour cream…

potato skin

The steak was served rare, just how I like it! And the rice it was accompanied by was fab.


My favourite would have to be the lamb course – delish!


And last up was dessert of “Swiss Roll” – beautiful!


This was SERIOUS good value and I’ll be keeping an eye out for any future ventures by Dublin Pop Up!

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