The Happy Pear, Greystones


I absolutely LOVE being by the sea and having got back from hols last week and really missing the sound and sight of the water, we decided to drop out to Greystones over the weekend to cheer me out of my post holiday blues!

I’m a huge fan of Howth (especially the pizzas in Il Panorama!) but I’d never been to Greystones and fancied checking out the beach there. While it was pretty stoney, we had a lovely walk along it and there was surprisingly quite a few people in the water considering it wasn’t even a hot day by Irish standards!


After all the indulging over the holiday I fancied something relatively healthy. I’d seen The Happy Pear on Twitter and they are known for great, freshly made, healthy food. So we had a little drive through the town and stumbled across it.

First up – it was BUSY! Plenty of people post walk / cycle sitting outside having a bite to eat or a coffee.


Inside there was a queue of people waiting to be served up some of the delicious looking food.


The hot option of the day was a chicken curry that smelt fab but I fancied something a bit lighter and the salad options looked great.


I went for a small salad plate at €6. I got a bit of everything and certainly wouldn’t call this small as salads go!


There was a lovely pesto pasta, some gorgeous little potatoes, a pile of seasoned chickpeas, mixed leaves, a huge dollop of hummus and underneath it all a great mixed salad of carrots and lentil and all kinds of little pulses I’d never even seen before – it was delish! And not a bit of meat or fish in sight which is unusual for me.


E went for the soup which was red pepper and cashew – a combo I’ve never heard of before. For just €4.70 he got a large bowl of soup and 2 generous slices of bread. The soup was hot and tasty – all that you could ask for in a bowl of soup!


E went back in to get the coffees and unsurprisingly got tempted by the sweet treats on offer!


He arrived back with a cappuccino, a flat white and a big chunk of brownie with chocolate chips running through it – all for only €7!


All that great food came to a grand total of €17.70 and we were both satisfied and full – super value!

They also have a great shop at the side selling all kinds of fresh fruit and veg, cheeses and lots of health stuff like protein bars etc in the back.



I highly recommend dropping by The Happy Pear if you are close by and fancy some fabulous fresh food.

The Happy Pear, Church Road, Greystones, Wicklow


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