Pizza Heaven at Bach 16


Considering pizza is my FAVOURITE thing in the world to eat I really haven’t put in the effort to try out the pizza spots around Dublin. I’ve got Paulie’s, Pizza E Porchetta, Da Mimmo’s and Di Fontaine’s all on my list and haven’t tried any – better get my ass in gear!

I did randomly discover a fantastic pizza a couple of weeks ago though… along with the cheapest glass of really great wine that I’ve had in Dublin. On my bus route into town I regularly pass a small little wine bar called Bach 16 just before O’Connell Bridge. At night it looks super cute with the fairy lit windows blinking out. I’d had a look at their menu online and as the majority was cheese / meat boards, sandwiches and pizza I knew it was a place that would suit me down to the ground!

It was a Sunday afternoon when we visited and I had called ahead to book a table as it is such a small pace. I mentioned about getting a gluten free base and so long as you give some notice they are very accommodating with this.

It was warm and dry enough when we got there so we decided to sit outside… not the quietest of paths to sit and eat al fresco but hey we were happy.

I’ll start off with the wine. I was amazed to see an Argintinian Malbec at €6.25… this is my fave red wine and is usually from €8 – €11 for a glass. So I straight away ordered that interested to see if it was decent – and it was. Obviously the other side of the river prices differ vastly!

We both decided to go for pizza. I chose the Goat’s Cheese, Roasted Pepper & Chorizo (€13) while E went for Pepperoni (€10.25). And yes, before you look at the below picture and think WTF… he gets his pizza without cheese – mental! 🙂


This pizza was amazing, thin and crispy with a generous portion of the tasty toppings. I can’t say any more than it was absolutely delicious. After ordering another glass of wine it started to rain so we moved inside.

It’s a small enough place but the space is warm and cosy and perfect for some wine and a catch up.




After letting the pizzas digest we got tempted by the dessert board offering Tiramasu or a Chocolate Mousse for €5.50…so we ordered a cappuccino and the Tiramasu which arrive in a little jar with some biscotti on the side.



The dessert was fab… but being little gluttons we wanted to try out the triple chocolate mousse too so with slightly embarrassed faces when our Tiramasu dishes were collected we ordered the mousse too 🙂 It was equally as good and left us completely full to the brim!


After another glass of wine (look, it was a bargain!) we finished up and left feeling full and happy. With so many places to eat in Dublin I don’t often return to many as I’ve always got another on my list I want to try but I know without doubt I’ll be back to Bach16 to try out the cheese boards. The food was great and at reasonable prices, the wine was fantastic, the place was small and inviting and the staff were so so friendly… I am delighted to have discovered this gem!

Bach 16, 16 Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin 1
Ph: 00353 1 872 0215 Web: FB:

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