Pizza e Porchetta


My quest to discover the best pizza in Dublin is an ongoing thing and one I am LOVING – I don’t want it to end! I’d eat pizza every damn day if I could … don’t think my waistline would thank me though 🙂

Most recently I tried out Pizza e Porchetta, up at Grand Canal. I’m very much delayed in trying out this restaurant, from what I remember it opened around the start of the year. It had always been on my “list” but was just that further up the river than where I usually am around town. This particular day we were going to an event up by The Ferryman so it was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Pizza e Porchetta opened with much interest, every week there was a new review with much praise for Ronan Ryan and the team. I was excited to try it! Having taken the long way around to find the restaurant, we finally arrived to the spot, just minutes from the bustle of The Marker Hotel and numerous food and drink spots around the Grand Canal.


We walked in to the front dining area and straight away noticed the wood fired pizza oven which apparently hits 650 degrees. I love nothing more than smelling and seeing my pizza being cooked.

We were lead to our seat in the “tunnel” section of the restaurant and I immediately liked the interior. In what could have been a dark space, they have made a crisp, clean and comfortable dining area.



We took our seats and were given some monster olives to much on while we looked through the menu.


It happened that we were early enough to take advantage of their Pre-Theatre menu. They are now doing Pre theatre meal of 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 sides and a bottle of wine for just €50, but when we visited it was 3 courses with a glass of wine each for €24 if I recall correctly. That’s pretty good value in my book so we opted for that.

E went for the Butternut Squash and Fennel soup and it’s safe to say there were no “early bird portions” here. I’ve been to many places where you’ll get a smaller version of the normal starter size if you opt for the EB menu but he was presented with a big steaming hot bowl of creamy soup and a side of bread. The soup was delicious and flavoursome.


Knowing that I’d be going for a pizza for my main, I tried to do the right thing and chose the Romaine salad with smoked almonds and pecorino for my starter…. and this huge plate of fabulousness arrived! The pecorino cheese was to die for (bit of a cheese lover here!) and I had to stop myself from polishing every bit of the lettuce and dresssing off to try to keep room for my pizza. I’m sure this must be a main course size, it was huge!


So as my mission is all about finding Dublin’s best pizza – I of course bypassed the other mains and went straight to the pizza options. In the end I chose the Apis pizza, with salami and honey. I almost asked for this without the honey but thought the better of it – sometimes you have to trust that the chef knows best and even if I would never usually pair honey with salami on a pizza I wanted to try it out.


The base was pretty thin (maybe I would like it slightly thinner) and perfectly cooked with no soggy base. The honey gave a slight sweetness to the spicy salami. It may have taken me almost an hour but I got through most of that bad boy!

While I am a pizza lover, E will almost always go for the pasta. On this occasion he chose the Pappardelle, beef and basil ragout with organic carrots – and he was not disappointed. Soft meat that fell apart and pasta that still had some bite to it – perfection.


After a bit of a break to make space for dessert we both went for the Chocolate cake. This was more of a brownie than a cake I think and the orange and raspberry gave it a fabulous kick, I adore the pairing of raspberry with chocolate.


With all of this and 2 glasses of wine polished off we were well and truly full to the brim – and all for the price of €50. This will certainly make it into my top pizza list and were I to do a Great Value Early Bird list it would be right up there – super food at super prices!

Pizza e Porchetta, The Malting Tower, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2
Ph: Phone: 01 662 4199 Web:
Twitter: FB:

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