NYC Babyyyyyy!


Last week I returned from another visit to my all time favourite place in the world (so far!), New York City. I did post about it a while back and explained my love for all things Manhattan and this time round I did many of the same things but thought I would share some with you anyway πŸ™‚

While most people think about the shopping as soon as they hear of a visit to New York I have done plenty of that on my previous visits and as I only had 3 nights this time around I knew I wouldn’t even bother trying to shop – all I wanted to do was eat, drink and see the city!

I stayed close to Midtown, not my favourite area but very handy for getting around as you are never too far from anywhere. We arrived early evening and after a quick change went straight out to explore. My favourite of the small parks dotted around Manhattan is Bryant Park so we stopped by there to have some cocktails sitting out while the sun went down.



After this we went to the R Lounge in the Renaissance Hotel at Times Square. Times Square was PACKED and I’m not a fan at the best of times but once you get into the bar area the madness is all just a view and it’s great to be able to relax and chill here without being in the middle of it. We had booked dinner in a fancy restaurant but after a traumatic flight and a few drinks we decided to just get some casual food here and had an early enough night.



Next morning we were up bright and early. With only 3 days here I had a little itinerary done out to make the most of our time (OCD, me?!) As we had a sunset cruise booked from the North Cove Marina down by Battery Park it made sense to spend the day going from midtown down towards the Financial district and then on up through Battery Park. First off we hit Union Square and the Flatiron district. I love this building, such great detail in it.



On route we stopped off at Eataly, a gigantic food hall with a few restaurants and cafes within. No surprise I went straight to the Nutella Cafe πŸ™‚


We had Brunch at the Blue Water Grill at the Flatiron – they go all out for brunch in NYC!


After that feed we wandered for a loooooong time, through Washington Square Park, SoHo, Little Italy & Chinatown.






Little Italy was pretty full with people just stopping off for lunch and wine but we basically ran through Chinatown – I don’t like it!

We kept walking (sore feet by now!) and got down towards City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge and then on to South Street Seaport.




There are great views out to Brooklyn from here and it’s usually one of my favourite spots to relax in New York but this particular day it was MANIC! We stopped and had a drink then decided to walk on. We trekked all the way around to Battery Park, passing the new World Trade Center on the way….


Battery Park gives a great view of the Statue of Liberty so we stopped in the park and took in the view.


It was nearing the time of our sunset sail that I had organised so we walked up to North Cove Marina and boarded. This was the absolute best experience I’ve had in New York. We had 2 hours on the boat and were taken around the coast with views of New Jersey, the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan lit up. It was fab and I’d recommend it to anyone who is visiting – you can book through Manhattan By Sail.






After that it was a bite to eat on the way home and we fell into bed shattered!

Next day, again up bright and early to make the most of it. We spent this day around the midtown area taking in the usual sights.

The Empire State building.


Grand Central Station.


The Chrysler building.


After a stroll along 5th Avenue we mosied into Central Park. It was a beautiful warm day so we stopped off at the Boathouse and just took it easy and gave our feet a break for a while!



The Boathouse does have a restaurant but it was packed so we decided to go to Robert, a restaurant at the top of the Museum of Art & Design. I had read about the fantastic views from here so we were delighted to get a window seat and look out over the park – how amazing is it!? The food was overpriced and very average but we didn’t really mind, a glass of champagne overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle is pretty special anyway πŸ™‚



That night we went to a rooftop bar slightly out of the midtown madness called The Press Lounge. New York is full of rooftop places but this one is quite popular as the fact it’s out of town gives better views of the skyline when you look back in. Yet again overpriced drinks but great views and a lovely way to spend our last night. There’s something surreal about being there and looking at the city, it gives me shivers every time even though I’ve been there so much already.




Out last day was pretty packed too. I had wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge but there just wasn’t time. Instead we went for a walk on the Highline, an old elevated train track that is converted into a park of sorts. It brings you along the west side down toward Chelsea where weΒ  got off and went to the Chelsea Markets where we grabbed some brekkie.



After fueling up we walked another few hours though Greenwich Village, TriBeCa and down to the World Trade Center Memorial park. I’d seen the reflecting pools before but E hadn’t been since it was all a pile of rubble so was eager to see the new area.


We then got a cab back to the West Village for a little walk. My all time favourite street is Grove Street… the houses are beautiful and I especially loved this little square, already decorated for Halloween.


We had lunch in a fab little place called Buvette which I will blog separately!


Our trip finished up with drinks on the rooftop of Eataly in the sunshine. Yet another amazing trip to New York. I need not say that I hope I’ll be back as I just know that I will – I just better get saving!

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6 thoughts on “NYC Babyyyyyy!

    • It was very fabulous! πŸ™‚ I do love it at Christmas but much prefer Autumn weather, nicer to be able to wander around comfortably without being in pain from the cold! I really should discover more of America but I adore NYC…. Chicago is next on my list though!

      • Nice one. I’ve never been.

        Yeah, Christmas in New York *lost in reverie* I was thinking of the Christmas Market at Union Square when you mentioned it in your review. It’s were I got my Freudian slippers hehe.

    • Thanks Donna. Yeah I’ve been both times of year and while Xmas is just magical I prefer to be able to explore and eat outside, take it all in… without getting icicles on my nose! If I were to go again though it would have to be Xmas as E hasn’t seen it that time of year. I really need to branch out and see some other cities too!

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