Buvette, West Village NYC


If you are lucky enough to find yourself strolling around the West Village in New York looking for a place to grab a bite to eat or a glass of wine then you are in a very good place in life! I returned from my trip to New York a few weeks ago and while my lunch in Buvette wasn’t the fanciest or most expensive of dining experiences, it was certainly one of much enjoyment.

We walked the streets of Manhattan on our trip, I mean honestly there wasn’t much of the city we didn’t see by foot. This particular morning we’d walked from our Midtown hotel to the Highline and disembarked that at the Chelsea Market, stopped off there for a while, walked down through TriBeCa and to the World Trade Centre, then back up the West Village. We were getting a bit tired and hungry and I knew from my research (I did LOTS of research) that there were quite a few eateries in the area I’d like to try. Out came my little book and we decided that being closest to Grove Street, we’d try Buvette. I’d seen plenty of recommendations online for it and when I saw that Clodagh McKenna visited a few months ago I thought it must be good!

Grove Street is one of the prettiest that I’ve seen in Manhattan… beautiful houses line the street and it’s a peaceful haven from the madness of the bigger roads in the area. I thought this private courtyard was particularly cute 🙂


In the midst of all these lovely homes sits Buvette, a small restaurant come cafe come wine bar. Should you miss it, there is a lovely bench and a little bicycle outside to remind you that you’ve found it!



We ventured inside and although it was after lunchtime it was still pretty busy! There was a mix of ladies lunching, couples having some wine and bites and a few groups. The interior was cosy and welcoming.






We were offered a set outside or inside and as it was such a nice day we decided to go outdoors… until E went out and saw that it was a pretty tight squeeze and changed his mind back indoors!

We got a seat in the main area of the restaurant and had a look over the dinky little menu – this must change quote regularly judging by the date stamp.


We’d been walking for hours so didn’t want anything too light… the needed to be bread involved! E (predictably) chose eggs on toast and went for them “sunny side up”. I’m not sure what makes eggs better in various restaurants but these were declared the best fried eggs he’s ever had 🙂


I was always going for one thing and one thing only in a French cafe… Croque-Monsieur s’il vous plaît! What could possibly be better than a soft melted cheese and ham sandwich? What I didn’t expect was 4 pieces of toast piled high with thick layers of delicious cheese and ham and a little side of gherkins.


I am well able to eat a pile of bread and cheese – BELIEVE ME! But this took me a while to get through…. and get through every bite I did! It was our last day in the city and I knew coming home would mean the inevitable après holiday “healthy eating” so I wasn’t denying myself a singe bite of something so damn good 🙂

After a lovely glass of prosecco to assist in washing it all down, we decided to share one of the day’s specials. Yes I was full but when there are Nutella Crêpes on offer you just don’t say no! The were cooked perfectly “French” style, nice and thin with hot Nutella oozing out of them – fantastic!


After this we admitted defeat with very full and happy tummies. This is a real cosy neighborhood restaurant but if you are anywhere near the area most definitely pop in be it for some drinks, brunch or a more substantial dinner.

Buvette, 42 Grove Street, West Village, New York
Ph: +1-212-255-3590
Web: http://newyork.ilovebuvette.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilovebuvette FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Buvette/129367513800158

You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date!


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