Tapas at Fade Street Social


I have wanted to try out the food in Fade Street Social for an absolute AGE! Have no idea why it took me so long but when I saw a deal pop up on the new online food mag TheTaste.ie , I decided this was my time!

I’ve been there quite a few times before just for a few drinks and really like the place. Upstairs is the bar area where I’ve tried many a cocktail 🙂 Each time I’ve been there I’ve seen Dylan McGrath so he is clearly very hands on.




This then leads out to the rooftop bar area which is fab during the summer.




But this visit was all about the food. The deal was for the Tapas Bar, €60 for 8 tapas dishes and a bottle of wine – what a steal!

There’s a mixture of standard tables and then some communal style bench seating – I’m not the biggest fan of this so was delighted to get a normal seat. I always like an open kitchen & it was great to see the chefs working away.


We ordered our wine and got involved in the HUGE menu! There was only one restriction that you could get just 1 item from the Grill section, but with so much choice on the rest of the menu it was no hardship.

We decided to just get lots of dishes and share them all. They came out pretty fast so it was a bit of a struggle to eat fast enough to make space for the dishes on  the table – but gobbling up food isn’t something I have a problem with thankfully 🙂
First up was the Salted Popcorn with crispy free-range Chicken cooked in tapioca flour, rolled in sumac with truffle butter. Popcorn and chicken together are something I’ve never tried but the combo really worked and it was one of my favourites.


Next up was the Prawn tempura on charred crusty bread with pesto, tomato, herbs, lemon purée and olives. I adore prawns and the batter was super thin and light – a fab dish.


This was my FAVOURITE – Chinese pork belly, slow cooked with Asian spices and crispy peanut brittle. The meat was just perfect and the spices it was paired with brought every flavour out – delicious.


I had thought this would be my number 1 dish – I love a burger. However it wasn’t all I thought. Bacon and cabbage burger, fried pork belly in balsamic, smoked pudding, crispy cabbage, peppered bacon, lyonnaise and a milk bun. The cabbage was like a dried out leaf and too hard to eat so had to be left aside and the meat was just that bit too fatty for me.


Next up was Thinly sliced Magret duck breast served pink with pickled kumquats, shallot purée, orange dressing and handmade confit duck spring roll. I only had a small taster of this but enjoyed the bite I had, very nicely cooked duck.


Last up of the savoury foods was my dish alone – too rare for some people! Charcoal roasted great Irish sirloin with a parmesan, chestnut and mushroom tart. I loved this one, the meat was medium rare how I like it and the Parmesan was divine.


We saved 2 of our dishes for dessert. I had heard lots of recommendations for the Basil sugar doughnuts with lychee & mango dipping sauce so that was first up. The small, soft sugary doughnuts were perfect for dipping 🙂 The second dessert (to the right of the doughnuts) was the total winner for me though, Chocolate mousse with hazelnut ice cream and raspberry glass – SOOOOOO GOOD!


I loved my experience at Fade Street Tapas Bar and having heard many great reports on the other restaurant there I am sure to be back!

Fade Street Social Tapas & GastroBar Restaurant, 4 Fade Street, Dublin 2
Ph: 00353 1 604 0066  Web: http://www.fadestreetsocial.com/tapas-bar-dublin/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FadeStSocial      FB: https://www.facebook.com/FadeStreetSocial?fref=ts

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