Wrights Anglers Rest

As I’ve spent the last week on my sofa on death’s door (ok, not quite death’s door but not far from it!) I had a serious dose of cabin fever over the weekend. There’s really only so much daytime tv and box sets you can get through… I did manage 3 series of Homeland though and am ADDICTED to it! Come the weekend when I finally started to feel human again I was so happy to slap some make up on and get out for some lunch.

After being in and out of town a lot over Christmas I fancied somewhere a bit more relaxed and as I’m on a serious amount of medication it wasn’t going to be a long boozy lunch which meant I could drive (no wine!!) so it was decided to try Wrights Anglers Rest, at the Strawberry Beds in Chapelizod. It’s absolutely years since I was last there but I always remembered the great food they served. More recently I’ve had some great food in Wrights Findlater in Howth so after a diet of anti biotics and soup for the week I was all ready for a good feed!

If you are looking for a nice cosy pub feel then you are in the right place here. The smell of turf and the warm cosy atmosphere hits you right away.





It’s a popular spot for smaller weddings and gatherings, there was a large Christening group and a few other smaller groups while we were there. Once I got settled and comfy I would have given my left arm for a glass of wine!


We started with some chicken wings to share, wanting to save space for the mains! They were delicious, nice and crispy with a bit of the hot sauce for a kick.


Eating in a Wrights establishment, it’s a given that the fish is going to be good! With crispy batter, mushy peas, smooth tartar sauce and a little bucket of chips this was a winner.


The burger was pretty substantial and the fish pie (a huge portion!) was gorgeously creamy with a lovely mix of fish within. Perfect comfort food for a sick girl πŸ™‚



Keeping with the comforting theme, we went for an apple crumble to share for dessert, presented in a nice jar. Crunchy crumble and sweet apples with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream… YUM!


I’ve never had a complaint about food I’ve had in the Wrights spots and this wasΒ  no exception. If you are anywhere nearby or fancy taking a little drive some day this is most definitely worth the visit!

Wrights Anglers Rest, 20 Knockmaroon Hill, Dublin
Ph: 00353 1820 4351
Web: http://theanglersrest.ie/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wrightsanglersrest?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheAnglersRest1

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