Chameleon, Temple Bar


I had numerous celebrations for my birthday recently – and why not?! 🙂  I struggle to pick my favourite part as there was plenty of nice food involved but along with my lunch in Angler’s Rest and fab time in City Social in London I also really enjoyed my meal in Chameleon, an Indonesion restaurant in town.

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to try here… it has a fantastic reputation for great food and celebrated 20 years in business last year – no mean feat in Dublin’s competitive food scene! On one of Temple Bar’s side streets, it’s just out of the way of the madness.


We were seated downstairs where I think they seat all parties of 2… upstairs in a large dining area that was buzzing this particular Friday evening…. no January blues around here!


The menu is amazing… basically it’s done tapas style but instead of just choosing your individual dishes you choose a menu. Each menu has 5-7 dishes within and most menus have a couple of the basics in common, for example rice or greens so when you both order your menu these sides portions are to share. We decided we’d just order 2 different menus and share the lot – my favourite way to eat!

We chose the Rijst Tafel 4 Java and the Vegetarian Rijst Tafel whcih gave a huge variety of dishes!

The Rijst Tafel Java offered Chicken satay served with peanut sauce, Crab cake, with haddock, Asian herbs, chilli & mango dip, Irish beef Rendang in a spicy coconut milk sauce with cinnamon, confit of Fermanagh black pork belly, Salad with cucumber, mango, Chinese leaves with a peanut and black sesame dressing, Seasonal greens wok fried and Wok fried noodles with beansprouts, ginger, garlic &soy sauce.


And the Vegetarian Rijst Tafel had a Balinese Yello Curry with long beans, sweetcorn & mangetout, a Potato & chickpea cake of sorts with carrot, banana shallots, celery, Portobello & chestnut mushrooms in crispy tempura with peanut sauce, the same salad as the other menu and same greens and noodles too and some spiced rice… so a feast by anyone’s standard!


This is the chicken satay to the front of the picture, the pork belly in the middle and the crab cake at the back.


Here are the mushroom tempura and the veggie curry which was deliciously creamy and surprisingly satisfying for a big meat eater like myself!


The meat in the Beef Rendang literally Fell apart it was so soft.


There was SO MUCH food here that we couldn’t manage to get through everything. With the veggie menu at €28 and the other one at €32 it was an unbelievable amount of food for €60… in fact it barely fit on the table! The food was great, wine was reasonably priced and the staff were friendly and helpful to us choosing a suitable menu – I would recommend you all to try out Chameleon!

Chameleon, 1 Lower Fownes Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Web: Ph: +353 (0)1 6710362
Twitter: FB:

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