The Irish Whiskey Museum, Dublin

irish whiskey museum 1

We all know I’m no whiskey drinker – wine and cocktails are where I’m at! But I’d passed the Irish Whiskey Museum on College Green quite a few times since it opened late last year and thought it looked great! Having heard a few people say how good it was, I decided it was worth a visit.

There were about 8 of us on the tour and we chose the VIP tour (€18) – of course! The tour guide brought us through quite a few different rooms in the slim, tall building and talked us through the general history of whiskey making over the years along with some video sections too.

irish whiskey museum 4

irish whiskey museum 5

irish whiskey museum 6

irish whiskey museum 7

The tour brings you right up to date with current whiskey trends and our guide had endless knowledge on the subject… Did you know that the term “blind drunk” comes from when the % alcohol was so high that people who drank it couldn’t see properly! Bit of useless info for you πŸ™‚

The last part is all about the whiskey tasting. Not having a clue about this drink I’m not really one to say too much on the subject – apart from the fact that stuff is STRONG! πŸ™‚ As we got the VIP passes we got to take home the cute little glass.

irish whiskey museum 10

irish whiskey museum 9

irish whiskey museum 8

Afterwards we had a coffee in the lovely cafe looking out to Trinity College there and had a nosey in the gift shop. Must mention – they’ve no licence to sell booze here so no Irish Coffees unfortunately!

irish whiskey museum 11

irish whiskey museum 2

I’d definitely recommend this short tour (approx 1 hour) if you are into your whiskey, and even if not majorly interested it’s an interesting and informative way to spend an afternoon!

The Irish Whiskey Museum
37 College Green, Dublin 2
Ph: 00353 1 525 0970

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