Dublin’s latest….Taco Taco!


Over the past week I have seen LOTS Of great buzz about the newbie on the block, or Dame Court if we want to be specific! Taco Taco opened last week with plenty of chatter…. with Anthony Remedy, restaurant promoter and consultant, at the helm of their Twitter account it was never going to be quiet! Anthony does an amazing job with San Lorenzo so I wasn’t surprised to see that he was doing similar with Taco Taco in the weeks before opening.

I left it a couple of days for the madness of the weekend to calm down slightly and visited on a Sunday evening… there are no reservations taken so I was a tad worried we’d have a wait but luckily we managed to get seated right away. The restaurant is taking over a spot in the Odessa building which many are familiar with already… it has a laid back and casual vibe and amaaaazing tunes on the go. There was quite a crowd in, a good few groups of people enjoying cocktails and some messy tacos of a Sunday evening! We settled in, ordered a beer and got busy deciding on our choice.

taco taco dublin 1

I totally for got to take a snap of the menu but it can be found here: http://www.tacotacodublin.com/ . There’s a lot more to just tacos here… a decent choice of starters, various tacos for mains and an “other” section with the likes of nachos, burgers and even some chicken or fish if you fancied being more healthy.

We decided to share a starter and went for Calamari alla Romano with tomato, lemon & garlic aioli @ €9.95…great portion size that was ideal for sharing. The calamari was certainly the best I can remember, super fresh with a light and crispy batter. It’s not pictured but the bed of tomato sauce kinda thing was delicious!

taco taco dublin calamari

Having just tacos for my main I was worried I’d still be hungry (God forbid!!) so asked the waitress about sides – she helpfully advised me that if we were having a starter we probably wouldn’t need sides but ordering them later would be no problem. I can safely say we would have left any sides as the tacos were immense! None of the tiny crispy tacos I’m more familiar with her… big soft floury taco wraps all round.

We went for the Char-grilled halloumi with beetroot slaw, cashew nuts, hummus, orange & chilli salsa (€14) & Jamaican jerk chicken with avocado salsa, iceberg lettuce, red pepper mayo, fried chorizo & shaved coconut (€14.95). 3 massive tacos each stuffed with tasty, fresh ingredients. It was my first time tasting halloumi and I loved – so filling and the char-grill really added to it.

taco taco dublin halloumi tacos

taco taco dublin halloumi taco


taco taco dublin chicken tacos

Be warned – they are a messy business! We both had chipotle sauce dripping all over our hands – we also seemed to be the only ones not using our knives and forks to eat them… oh well πŸ™‚

After 2 tacos I was getting seriously full so struggled with the last one but we managed it… with a bit of belt loosening!

taco taco dublin 2

As much as I thought I couldn’t fit another mouthful of food in, after seeing the dessert menu we had to try the San Lorenzo’s Nutella chocolate cheesecake… I’ve had it once before and IT. IS. AMAZING. I’m not one to shy away from a heavy chocolate dessert but after such a feed we didn’t quite manage to cllear this plate… not far off though!

taco taco dublin dessert cheesecake

Taco Taco is a great addition… the music, staff and menu choices give a laid back, friendly, easy going vibe which all pulls together and works so well… pricing is on point (except for possibly the can of coke at €2.50) and we had this feed of fab food along with 2 beers and 2 soft drinks for just €63…. get yourself down there!!

taco taco dublin bill prices

Taco Taco, 14 Dame Court, Dublin 2
Web: http://www.tacotacodublin.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TacoTacoDublin

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