Seagrass, Portobello

I’m not sure what it is about the sunshine, but it totally makes me gravitate towards water! On a sunny weekend I love to go out to Dun Laoire pier and have a walk and just look out to the water for a while… then go to grab an ice cream or a crepe in the People’s Park! 🙂

Of a weeknight though, I usually stick closer to home so last week on a gorgeous sunny afternoon I headed off to Seagrass in Portobello. It’s not an area I’m very familiar with at all to be honest, the most I usually see of it is swarms of people having after work beers outside some of the pubs along the canal when I’m on my way up to yoga in Ranelagh. So it was lovely to be off out to enjoy the summery vibes myself!

Seagrass is on South Richmond Street, just two minutes from Rathmines the opposite of the bridge. I’d heard good reports on the food and it’s quite well known for a decent Early Bird and also having a Bring Your Own policy… which I LOVE if you’re trying to save the pennies on a night out! The interior was a pleasant surprise, exposed brick and shabby chic painted wood made for a very cosy setting.


People have asked me to start including the menus in my post – so here’s the Early Bird menu…. if you can make it out – clicking on the pic should show it to you clearly enough. Two courses for €23 or three for €27 …A great mix of starters with soup, chowder, 2 risottos and a chicken liver creme.


To start, we both chose the veggie option – Risotto of seasonal vegetables and nettles with red beetroot pesto and a giant pecorino cheese crisp. Portion size was super generous and the dish was absolutely delicious…. so much so I scoffed way too much and didn’t keep enough room for my main!


Choices of mains gave a good range too – fish, lamb, ham hock and a vegetarian option. I’m so pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to eat Vegetarian out and about … I had really thought I’d find it a struggle when eating out but it hasn’t been so.

We went for the Veg plate which included roasted courgettes, aubergine, mushroom, red beetroot and sweet potato on a bed of celeriac puree with some pistachio pesto & the Slow Roasted Lamb Shank with roasted baby potatoes, baked mushroom and a baby carrot – and a side of chips which turned out to be totally unnecessary (but sooooo good) given the amount of food we were served up!




Both dishes were full of flavour, well presented and absolutely great value for money. The lamb fell off the bone and was perfectly cooked and my veggies were well seasoned and cooked with a bit of bite left to them.

As it was a week night the restaurant wasn’t super busy but had a lovely relaxed vibe and our waitress being so helpful and friendly really made the whole evening a pleasure. The quality and quantity of food we got for the price was spot on and I couldn’t make one complaint about Seagrass – A Plus!


Seagrass, 30 South Richmon Street, Portobello, Dublin 2

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