SÖDER + KO – Good food… Awful service!


I don’t like giving bad reviews… and in general I just don’t do them – there’s probably 3 negative reviews out of about a hundred and odd on my blog. So, if a place is just not all that great to me, I usually don’t bother blogging it… I prefer to share the places that I think others would enjoy. The exception is when somewhere has a pretty good name and I find it the total opposite – two that stick out in my mind are Brookwood and my Brunch in Odessa. On these occasions I shared my experience and stated that they didn’t match up to the positive things I’d heard elsewhere. (And I got absolutely slated by the restaurant for one of those reviews!)

So – enter another such occasion! SÖDER + KO is on George’s Street. It’s been open a couple of months and the feedback has been good in the main… it’s something totally unique in Dublin – a Scandanavian inspired bar and restaurant area with Asian style dishes. Queen of Deals here got one from Rewarding Times which was amazing value – €60 for 4 courses for 2 people plus €30 towards drinks. So off I went a couple of days ago to see what it was all about!

The menu is a sharing menu… designed to be tapas style, getting a few bits and sharing around. It’s in sections – one for Raw food, one for Dim Sum, one of Hot Plates, a sides section and lastly steamed buns. Before getting the deal I tweeted them to ask if there would be a veggie option available in each section for me and was assured there was. So I was slightly peeved to ask the waiter and be told there wasn’t and that I should have rang the restaurant. Emmmm… surely whoever is managing the Twitter account should check with the chef if there’s a query like that, no!? I wasn’t impressed so started the meal on a bit of a negative note… the attitude from the waiter didn’t help either. I was told to get a side or a kimchi bun instead of the dim sum and hot plate option – fab… out for dinner for a pile of side dishes!

We ordered a bottle of Malbec which was €29 and absolutely fab – things were picking up! Then we placed our orders. I was with a few friends so we were just going to share a few things around but with me being veggie and one other girl vegan our choices were seriously limited. The non veggies had the King Prawn dumplings (€6) from the Dim Sum menu, the Roasted Duck(€10) and the Seabass (€9) from the hotplates. Us two veggies went for the Kimchi bun each (€4), the raw beetroot (€7) with no other veggie options at all. Then we shared a few sides which were €5 each.

Raw Beetroot €7

Kimchi Bun €4

King Prawn Dumplings €6

Sides of Kale, Bak Choi & Aubergine.. €5 each

Panfried Seabass €9

Roasted Duck €10

Service was horrendous to say the least. We waited a good while for our starter part of the kimchi buns and dumplings and then about 50 minutes for the rest of the food to arrive. These are small plate dishes and the place wasn’t even all that busy…. there was no apology over the delay or any acknowledgement in the slightest. Twice, members of waiting staff bought over the Hake to us and said we’d ordered it when we hadn’t – then finally admitting it was his handwriting. The sides at €5 each are really overpriced. €5 for a small bowl of kale?! The 6 thin slices of raw beetroot at €7 is robbery. And even the fish and duck dishes which I understand would be pricey anyway, were overpriced for the portion size.

The food actually tasted good – I really enjoyed the Kimchi bun and the sweet potato (didn’t get a pic as they were devoured when they finally arrived!) and the other girls enjoyed theirs too. But the bad service really put a dampner on it.

And onto dessert! Their dessert options are a selection of dairy free ice cream from NOBÓ. So we ordered 2 pots… and waited about 20 minutes for them to arrive. I mean they are pre-packed ice cream, ready to go straight away – what is a 20 minute wait time all about?! Can’t complain about the ice cream apart from the fact that one was at a temp we could get a spoon through and one was rock hard which proved difficult.



At this stage we’d been there hours and I was starting to get agitated so we got the bill and left. With the deal, it was another €28.50 for the rest of the food. I have got to say that based on this experience I’d be hard pushed to go back here – they do a €10 lunch deal which I’ve heard is decent so I may try that or Brunch but I certainly wouldn’t sit and pay full prices for an evening meal there.

SÖDER + KO, 64 Sth Great George’s Street, Dublin
00353 1 478 1590

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