Bang, Merrion Row


I’m a firm believer that Dublin on an amazing Summer day is one of the best places you could be…. I’ve spent many sunny, warm days wandering around London and New York and loved every bit of it – but I really think that the atmosphere and happy feeling that Dublin and it’s inhabitants exude on a rare sun filled day is every bit as special as those bigger cities.

Last month (yes, last MONTH, cos that’s how our Summer works here!) we were lucky enough to have a few fabulous days… and I made sure to make the most of them with a wander around town and some dinner thrown in for good measure. I had a deal voucher for Bang on Merrion Row waiting to be used so decided it was the perfect time for some decent food and wine! The deal was €60 and gave 3 courses for 2 people plus a pichet of wine – bargain!

Merrion Row is home to quite a few gems, such as the highly acclaimed Etto…. and I had heard all good comments regarding Bang over the years so had high hopes! Being such a lovely day, the front windows were opened out to let some sun and air filter through the modern upstairs dining area. There is also a downstairs area but I didn’t even have a peek down there to get an idea of what it’s like!


We were on a set menu for the deal, with 3 options for each course. Starters of a soup, salmon or chicken dish, mains of fish, chicken or veggie option and desserts of 2 sweets or a cheese – the perfect menu for us but it was however lacking in any red meat if you were so inclined.


I never usually go for the soup… mainly because I make it so much at home and try to have something totally different when I’m eating out. But it was the veggie option and really sounded good so we both chose the White Asparagus Soup for our starter…. and let’s just say it kicked ass on my home-made veggie soup! It was gorgeously creamy and sprinkled with toasted almonds and a drizzle of olive oil.


For mains we went for the Goat’s Cued Gnudi and the Free Range Chicken. If, like me, you had never heard of Gnudi before … it’s a type of gnocchi made from cheese and a little bit of flour. They were light, fluffy and creamy and paired well with the chosen veg.


The chicken dish went down well and I did try a little of the potato pave – divine!


Although not really required, we ordered a portion of triple cooked chips to share… absolutely fabulous, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside!


We took a small break before ordering dessert and decided to forgo the cheese and share the two sweet options. I’m all about the chocolate so didn’t think I’d be too enamoured with the Blueberry Posset but I was very pleasantly surprised! Not too sweet and the granola gave a nice bit of texture and crunch.


But the star of the show was the Dark Chocolate Bar. Layered up and presented like a stick of KitKat, the presentation was fantastic. And the taste didn’t disappoint either, nice and rich and again the crisp layer offering some more texture. With the malt ice cream and the hazlenut, it did manage to defeat me (which doesn’t often happen!) and I left some on the plate knowing I’d be wishing for it later that evening. It was definitely one of my most favourite desserts!


We left super impressed with our meal at Bang, it’s the perfect spot for a special meal – and by all accounts keep an eye out on the deals for a bargain!

Bang, 1 Merrion Row, Dublin 2.
Ph: 353 1 4004 229

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