A week in heaven with Ibiza Retreats


If you’ve been following me over on Instagram recently, you’ll  know that a couple of weeks ago I flew off to Ibiza for a week. Yes, Ibiza! You could be forgiven for thinking it’s not exactly a haven to escape to for a week of peace given the reputation it has since that infamous “Ibiza Uncovered” programme years ago – but honestly, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

I first went to Ibiza about 5 years ago with an ex of mine – and I admit, I was skeptical too. But having spent the week there and seen some of the amazing beaches they have, I am totally in love with the island! I took this picture from the plane when landing a few weeks ago – how crazy beautiful is that!?


You might remember that back in February I went to Morocco on a yoga retreat – and loved it! So I had last minute decided to do the same this summer… it’s such a safe way for a single girl to go away and see a new place without the worry of saying alone etc. I came across Ibiza Retreats and after a few e mails with the fab Carina and Susie I had it all booked up and was super excited to go!

The retreat was titled Get Glowing and was more of a “wellness” retreat rather than solely yoga, with a mix of Vinyasa yoga, pranayama, meditation, energy rebalancing and self-healing techniques. We were to stay in a villa up in the hills in the North of the island…. having never seen this more rustic side of Ibiza it was all new to me.

The villa we stayed in was fantastic. Already used for fitness holidays by it’s owners, it was equipped with a gym (which I went nowhere near!) and a covered yoga deck, along with a great pool and plenty of space for lounging around during the day.






After arriving and settling in, we were each booked in for a massage and a one-to-one with the organisers – mainly to see what we wanted to get out of our time there. Here I am super chilled out under a tree getting a fab massage!


Early morning was probably my favourite part of the day, wandering outside and seeing the sun come up over the mountains was stunning.


Each morning started with a light breakfast and yoga on the deck, before it got too hot!





To mix it up a bit, one morning we packed up nice and early and headed to the beach for some yoga and a mud bath in a beautiful cove. Believe me when I say, getting your balance in the water is difficult!



After our yoga each day we had brunch and chill out time before the evening workshops. All food for the week was veggie – which suited me down to the ground 🙂 Brunch was cooked up by the owners of the villa, Jose and Des. They have a large garden where they grow lots of fruit and veg so most of the ingredients for our meals were literally picked that day!






In general the days were spent by the pool, reading, relaxing and chatting to the other girls. There was the option of booking extra massages, reiki sessions and other wellness options which I did a couple of the days. There was also the day that myself and another girl decided on a bike ride – through the hills in 34 degree heat… it did not end well as a result of my awful fitness levels and I had to call the owner to pick us and the bikes up in his jeep! A fun time nonetheless (once I managed to breath again!) 🙂


The evenings were always mixed up a bit – we had an evening of Reiki, a Voice Essence workshop and an Ayurveda workshop too – all totally new to me and really interesting. One evening we went to a local beach for sunset which was absolutely beautiful. The one thing I always recall from my first trip to Ibiza was how breathtaking the sunsets are.



And after each of these evening activities it was time to be fed yet more fab food. Two girls from Conscious Food Ibiza came to the house each evening and made the most amazing food for us.





Then we’d just spend the evening chilling by the pool and chatting – by no means the party scene that Ibiza is famous for … but an absolutely gorgeous way to spend the evening.



The ladies who ran the retreat were honestly some of the most amazing women you could meet – everyone with their own individual story of what brought them to yoga and to the island and all so passionate about what they did. They showed each of us so much care and compassion and really made an impact.It was such a lovely way to spend a week, taking time away from the drama that life can bring at home and just relaxing and getting the focus back on myself again. I met some fab people and wouldn’t hesitate it to anyone who may find themselves looking for a safe, fun and meaningful holiday by themselves.


Ibiza Retreats
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