The Tapas Trail, Dublin

If you are a long time reader of the blog, you’ll know that I’m a lover of tapas. I’ve been to most of the decent tapas restaurants around Dublin (my all time fave being Las Tapas de Lola!) and have been on a couple of Tapas Trails. So when the opportunity came up to go on a trail that was new to me, I jumped at it πŸ™‚

Tapas Trail Dublin offer 3 hours tours, filled with lots of food, wine and a little bit of local knowledge and history thrown in too. You are taken to 3 restaurants where you get a glass of wine and some food in each and get to chat and mix with the other people on the trail.

Our guide Liz met us in Temple Bar… which left me wondering where our first stop would be. I was even more intrigued when she started by saying that all venues may not be Spanish – that that there would be tapas style and sized dishes, but not necessarily all Spanish food!

But I was pleasantly surprised when we stopped off at Caffe Italiano, on Crow Street. I’ve eaten here before for lunch (review here) and really enjoyed the food so I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. Our group of about 15 were seated upstairs and all hungry and eager to eat! The food here was fab, gigantic boards of meats and cheeses, nuts and honey all served with fresh crusty bread.


Being the awkward veggie of the group, I got a whole plate of cheese for myself – and I wasn’t complaining! I am really struggling with the last part of being veggie and giving up most cheeses… and you can see why…this was delicious.


Basically we all made pigs of ourselves here and polished it all off, with a lovely glass of wine. Then it was onto stop number 2!

The Port House Pintxo, on Eustace Street, isn’t quite as well known as The Port House on South William Street, but having visited before I knew it was still a beautiful restaurant. I love the dark and candle lit interior – and also really enjoyed the food. We were given our own little boards with a selection of tapas ( a veggie one for me). There was a Spanish tortilla, a bruschetta, mushrooms on toast and a divine creamy deep fried cheese. My fave here was the mushrooms on toast, so tasty!


After another glass of wine here, the group were all mixing well and we didn’t feel the hour here fly by!


For our last stop we hopped over Dame Street and walked through to South William Street to Zaragoza. There was a bit of live jazz music on the go and it was pretty busy so had a nice buzzy atmosphere. Again, they changed up the dishes for me with veggie options of a salad, patatas bravas and a goats cheese parcel… with the meat eaters having chorizo and meatballs.


After all that food and wine, we all went our separate ways. I would definitely recommend the Tapas Trail if you are looking for something a bit different, especially if you aren’t familiar with the tapas restaurants around Dublin. It’s also a great group activity if you had maybe a special birthday or something similar.

Disclaimer – I was invited to take part in the trail free of charge by the lovely organisers but felt no pressure to give a biased review, I had a fab night with some great food so therefore I decided to share it with you all πŸ™‚

Tapas Trail Dublin:

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