Delahunt, Camden Street

I never thought I’d hear myself say it, but I’ll be glad to get back to work next Monday! My mind and body like routine and I feel completely out of whack after too long without regular exercise paired with too much cheese and wine!

While most of my Christmas hols were spent having cosy nights in with a glass of red, I did have a really enjoyable night out with some blogger friends too. The lovely lads at Gastro Gays were home for Christmas so a few of us decided to finally meet up – and yet more food and drink was had! The chosen restaurant was Delahunt on Camden Street which has been getting rave reviews since opening – and I can now see why!

Housed in what was Carville’s off licence, the unassuming blue front gives way to a hidden gem. We went upstairs for a cocktail and a chat before dinner in the cosy bar area.. suffice to say we could have stayed here all night!




As there was a group of us, we were sat in the Snug area at the back of the restaurant. The net curtains and dark wood add to an old school feel.


We were dining from a set menu at €40 per person for 3 courses. Starters were a shared affair of salmon, whitbait and pig’s ear .. along with a small bowl of Pumpkin and chestnut soup each – being the awkward veggie I loaded up on the bread and soup πŸ™‚



Mains were perfection – and devoured. While vegetarian options can often be relatively “samey” and dull, it certainly couldn’t be said of my delicious dish.

Potato dumplings, caramelized mushroom broth, duck egg yolk, kale salsa verde

Pheasant breast, white pudding, roast parsnip, sprout tops and pickled cranberry

Beef cheek braised in stout, potato and horseradish cream, black cabbage, crispy shallotsΒ 

And just to add some more cheese to the numerous blocks I’d eaten over the hols I went for the cheese board to finish off, with my dining neighbour choosing the trifle.

Selection of farmhouse cheeses, crackers and chutney

Rhubarb trifle, pistachio sponge, sherry syllabub

The food, atmosphere, staff and wine were all equally fantastic. Delahunt offers top quality food at reasonable prices and is without doubt a place I shall return to!

Delahunt, 39 Camden Street Lwr, Dublin 2
Ph: 00353 1 5984880

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One thought on “Delahunt, Camden Street

  1. We ate here as part of a larger group off the same set menu and I was so happy I joined in. The food was delicious and inspiring. I’m looking forward to going back this summer and seeing how the chefs handle a lighter menu.

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