Caffe Amore, George’s Street, Dublin

I’ve really got to get around to that Top Ten Pizzas in Dublin post – it’s been on my mind for two years at least! It’s no secret that pizza is one of my favourite things to eat, not at all fancy or exotic and not remotely healthy… but oh so good!!

Caffe Amore came to me courtesy of a yoga pal on Instagram. I’d never heard of nor seen it even though it’s right in front of my eyes every time I get off the bus in town! Then a couple of weeks back I saw a photo of a delicious looking pizza and was recommended this place. As this lady has an Italian husband and they love their food as much as I do, I thought it must be worth a try!

So maybe I’ve just totally been living under a rock, but I don’t ever recall hearing much about Caffe Amore – maybe some of you guys have? It’s on South Great George’s Street and has quite a deceptive front that doesn’t give lend to the loveliness inside. The interior is more long and thin that open and wide, but isn’t cramped or tight. It has lots of exposed brickwork paired with wood and pictures and chalk boards dotted around.





I started by ordering a glass of ProseccoΒ  – it was to be my last drink before kicking off my yoga teacher training so I wanted it to be a good one! πŸ™‚

Considering that the main course was always going to be pizza, we decided to share a starter and went for the Parmigiana di Melanzane, sliced aubergine in a tomato sauce with Parmesan and mozzarella cheese. It was delicious and a pretty large starter so idea to share.


And onto the main attraction – the pizzas! So firstly – not your typical round pizza and also not served on a plate. If you are the “We Want Plates” brigade then you may want to go elsewhere πŸ™‚ I personally don’t care if my food comes on a board, a slate or even in flower pots like I’ve seen!

Mine was veggie with mushroom, onion and aubergine slices and the other was parma ham. Both were gorgeously hot with gooey melty cheese aplenty! As usual, I devoured all of mine – waste not want not!




We decided we were worth the treat that particular night and shared a dessert. There weren’t all that many options but it wasn’t a hard choice for me anyway .. I’d been told the Tiramisu was great but if it mentions Nutella then I’m in!


This was something I’d never heard of let alone tried – Zuccotta Cocca & Nutella, Brioches soaked in Orange Blossom Water with Custard, Nutella and Coconut Flakes. I mean, come on – where could that possibly go wrong?! Look at it!! I’m drooling just looking back on the photos now …



And all too soon our lovely meal was over. The vibe in Caffe Amore was perfect for a leisurely casual meal over a couple of drinks and chats and I have not a single bad thing to say about the food or service… I can’t wait to go back for a few Aperol Spritzers!


59 South Great George’s Street, Dublin
Ph: 00353 1475 0505 Web:

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2 thoughts on “Caffe Amore, George’s Street, Dublin

  1. It is an utterly delightful place. I’ve eaten there on numerous occasions, both as part of a couple and as part of a group. Luli is a great cook, and the staff are all great. The Food is superb.

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