Brunch at The Greenery, Portobello – NOW CLOSED

Ahhh… it seems that Summer may finally be on the way! Well, I may be slightly optimistic there but we’ve got a forecast for some warm weather this week anyway so we’ll be grateful for that much 🙂 If you … Continue reading

The Curry House, Ranelagh – NOW CLOSED

I always find Indian restaurants pretty hard to review…it’s not easy to make a big curry look amazing in a picture! There is of course the exception with the fabulous Ananda in Dundrum… and now I’ve discovered another jewel in … Continue reading

SÖDER + KO – Good food… Awful service!

I don’t like giving bad reviews… and in general I just don’t do them – there’s probably 3 negative reviews out of about a hundred and odd on my blog. So, if a place is just not all that great … Continue reading

Wrights Anglers Rest

As I’ve spent the last week on my sofa on death’s door (ok, not quite death’s door but not far from it!) I had a serious dose of cabin fever over the weekend. There’s really only so much daytime tv … Continue reading

Pizza Heaven at Bach 16

Considering pizza is my FAVOURITE thing in the world to eat I really haven’t put in the effort to try out the pizza spots around Dublin. I’ve got Paulie’s, Pizza E Porchetta, Da Mimmo’s and Di Fontaine’s all on my … Continue reading

A new favourite of mine… Olesya’s Wine Bar, Dublin

Let’s call a spade a spade…. it’s no secret I like wine, in fact I love it! Red wine and Prosecco are my drinks of choice every time and I’m now so accustomed to it that I struggle to drink … Continue reading

Kate’s Kabin is 1 year old – the food packed year in review!

One full year! Today Kate’s Kabin is one year old… how quickly does a year pass by you?! In a way it feels like I’ve been blogging forever but on the other hand it feels like the past year has … Continue reading

Dublin’s latest restaurant offering, Brookwood on Baggot Street

All week looking forward to a meal…. only to be very disappointed – there’s nothing worse! On Saturday myself and E were having our usual little day out in town for a few drinks and bite to eat. I was … Continue reading