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Dublin Bay Prawn Festival in Howth

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One of my all time favourite places to be in Dublin is Howth. Howth on a sunny day is even better. Howth on a sunny day while there’s a food festival on is probably the BEST! So when I heard a few weeks ago that the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival was on there over the weekend I was all over it 🙂

With the crazy weather recently and the rain and hailstone showers I was praying for a good day on Saturday and God listened to me (I don’t talk to him very often to be fair so that was good of him!) It was a fab day out so off I toddled into town to get the DART out. Yeah I could have driven out there but all that food wouldn’t have been quite as much fun without a few drinks too!

As per usual, the place was jammers but there was a great buzz around. There was a funfair, the usual small food stalls in the market area and further up towards the pier there were tents with different local restaurants selling their food. Basically – food everywhere you looked… my idea of heaven!

Myself and my friend were STARVING so went straight from the DART station to get some food. I’d eaten in Wrights Findlater in Howth before and their food is great, reasonably priced and so yum. So we headed in there, got a drink and got a nice table by the window.  I was seriously torn between the traditional fish and chips, salmon burger or getting 2 starters or a starter and side… I like to get a taste of a few things 🙂

So my friend got the fish and chips and I got the Howth Smokies with a side of sweet potato wedges. Food porn pics below. The smokies were described as smoked haddock, sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach, gruere cheese gratin… I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it was FAB. Basically a bowl of creamy cheesy sauce with smoked haddock and some spinach and sundried tomatoes, topped with cheese and served with brown bread and a small salad. The sweet potato wedges were MASSIVE…. But yep, of course I polished off the lot 🙂

2 beers, a glass of wine, 1 Kopparberg and the food all came to €48…. considering we could barely move after it all I think it was quite reasonable.

fish & chips


After a couple of drinks to let the food digest we went for a walk up the pier and plonked ourselves on a bench to chill out in the sunshine for an hour. Even though the whole place was busy it still had a really relaxed vibe.

With my major sweet tooth I was dying for a nice treat so we walked back up towards the small farmers markets. There’s stalls here that sell mini cupcakes, fudge, fruit, sweet and savoury crepes, cakes, different breads and a few bits and bobs of jewellery.  Took a good 10 minutes for me to decide what to go for but I opted for a crepe with strawberries and chocolate sauce. They are pretty big and VERY messy so I managed to spill chocolate sauce all over myself in the process but got through the lot in the end 🙂

Then it was on for a couple more drinks in the Bloody Stream and off home with a full tummy!

The Prawn Festival is a really nice day out. Lots of the restaurants have special menus for the weekend, the pubs all have music and there was fireworks later on in the night. I’ll definitely be going again next year!


I also spotted Donal Skehan filming while I was out there. Am a big fan of his recipes so had to get a snap!

donal skehan

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