Art Afternoon Tea at The Merrion Hotel

So here we are again, on the on the countdown to Christmas! Work is insanely busy at the moment so the weeks are flying by and I really can’t wait for some time off to just chill out at home, … Continue reading

The Monart Hotel & Spa

Hi strangers! πŸ™‚ I know… it’s been a while. Life is hectic these days, mega busy, and unfortunately blogging has been taking a back seat for me. This year has just whizzed by at a frightening speed – I was … Continue reading

The Europe Hotel, Killarney

I’ve wanted to go to The Europe for YEARS now, but between one thing and another both occasions I had it booked had to be cancelled. So I was quite excited to see what all the fuss was about on … Continue reading

Afternoon Tea at Powerscourt Hotel

I’m all about the treats these days … isn’t life too short not to treat yourself!? πŸ™‚ Last weekend I possibly treated myself a little (lot!) more than normal – a fabulous meal in Angelina’s on Saturday, which I’ll review … Continue reading

Christmas Afternoon Tea at The Westbury

Please don’t be angry at me!!! Halloween is tomorrow so we are all officially allowed to talk about Christmas now πŸ™‚ Winter just isn’t my season, I abhore the cold, hate the rain and do not like the dark days. … Continue reading

The Presidential Suite @ The Westin Hotel, Dublin

I don’t often win too much and especially nothing of serious value, but a few years back I went to a wedding show with a friend and miracle of all miracles – I won an amazing prize! It was for … Continue reading

The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal, Dublin

A couple of weeks ago, myself and one of my best friends had a little mini hen night in anticipation of her big day. She’s had a very busy and stressful time of late so I decided a night in … Continue reading