Green Man Wines, Terenure

I’ve kinda bored myself with going to the same local places time and time again so was delighted to hear of a lovely new wine spot in Terenure… Green Man Wines! It’s just a couple of doors up from Mayfield … Continue reading

Stanley’s, St. Andrew Street

It has taken me an absolute age to write this review – as you will see from the Christmas tree in the window of Stanley’s in the pic above 🙂 I got caught up in the business of Christmas and … Continue reading

Bagots Hutton, South William Street

I’m still researching away for my “Best Pizza in Dublin” post…. it’s a tough old job but someone’s gotta do it! 🙂 Latest on the hit list was Bagots Hutton wine bar on South William Street. I’ve been here plenty … Continue reading

Buvette, West Village NYC

If you are lucky enough to find yourself strolling around the West Village in New York looking for a place to grab a bite to eat or a glass of wine then you are in a very good place in … Continue reading

Pizza Heaven at Bach 16

Considering pizza is my FAVOURITE thing in the world to eat I really haven’t put in the effort to try out the pizza spots around Dublin. I’ve got Paulie’s, Pizza E Porchetta, Da Mimmo’s and Di Fontaine’s all on my … Continue reading

A new favourite of mine… Olesya’s Wine Bar, Dublin

Let’s call a spade a spade…. it’s no secret I like wine, in fact I love it! Red wine and Prosecco are my drinks of choice every time and I’m now so accustomed to it that I struggle to drink … Continue reading

The Exchequer Wine Bar, Ranelagh, Dublin

I’ve said for years that if I could chose anywhere in Dublin to live it’d either be somewhere by the sea like Howth or else Ranelagh. I love that village, there’s always so much going on and of course there … Continue reading

Meet & Meat, South William Street – Now Closed!

Unfortunately Meet & Meat has now closed and there is a Ladurée macaron store there instead! For once in my life I was out and about town when the new kid on the block opened! As I don’t live or … Continue reading

Etto, Merrion Row, Dublin

I love when a brand new restaurant opens up and there’s a bit of a buzz about it! In the past 6 weeks there’s been a few new additions to Dublin’s food scene and one that I’d heard 100% great … Continue reading