Paulie’s Pizza, Dublin


Paulie’s has been on my radar and earmarked for a visit for a long long time now. What was stopping me I hear you ask? Truth is – I didn’t know how to get there. I know, morto for me. 34 years of living in Dublin and I can’t remember ever being up that neck of the woods. If I was driving out for a walk at Poolbeg I’d always go from the Dun Laoghaire / Blackrock side and had never ventured along Bath Avenue or through the Irishtown area at all.

Until recently 🙂 On one such occasion I passed Paulie’s and reminded myself to pay a visit. So last Sunday I found myself craving a pizza and so ventured to Paulie’s to see if it would live up to the hype!

It was a beautiful afternoon so we sat in the extended area to the front of the restaurant, in essence it’s just a tent but it does make for a brighter experience and feels like you’re almost sitting outdoors.



The restaurant is small and has a laid back casual vibe. I’ve heard it gets really busy at times and booking is usually essential so we were pretty lucky to visit unplanned. Paulie’s and Junior’s Deli just around the corner are ran by the same people and seem to have a bit of a cult following from what I see on social media!

To start we went with the olives with bread and dip. Beautiful big juicy olives served with warm bread and two great dips… that pesto was amazing!


I know that for the purpose of a review one of us should probably have gone for something other than pizza just to give some variety… but pizza was the sole reason I visited so that was not happening! Both were absolutely delicious, packed with toppings and had a great base. The Zoe was ordered without cheese for my non cheese loving dining partner!

The Greek – Spinach, Feta, Black olive, Courgette, Red onion, Mozzarella & Tomato sauce

The Zoe – tomato sauce, nduja, chorizo, pepperoni, spicy salami & fresh chillies

Although suitably stuffed from the pizza, I was in for a penny, in for a pound  and after a brief break we ordered the chocolate brownie to share along with two cappuccinos. The caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream that accompanied the brownie were the perfect way to top off a great meal.



Grand total for a shared starter, two fantastic pizzas, a shared dessert, a soft drink and two coffees was a reasonable €53. On my Best Pizza in Dublin list Paulie’s is well up there at the top with Il Panorama!


Paulie’s Pizza, 58 Grand Canal Street Upper, Dublin 4

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6 thoughts on “Paulie’s Pizza, Dublin

  1. I was told by an Italian colleague in work to get the pizza w/o meat, but I decided against and really wasn’t all that impressed. I think I rather American pizza to Italian.

  2. This place looks amazing !
    I left Dublin recently and I just heard about this spot for pizza, now I’m obsessed with it. Cause they look delicious, and it gives me one (of many) good reason to come back in Dublin !

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